Many e-commerce websites exist in the online market, but have you ever wondered how much cost and strategic analysis it has done during the pre-production and shaping of the website? You may have never given it a thought but they if your business is ready to add the ‘e’ to the commerce then this article is a must read. This article will help you acquire sufficient material to know answers to your each query.

Determining the proper outlines, technologies and economic resource that all are required while designing an ecommerce framework are important to be taken care during the pre-production of the e-commerce platform. In this article we cover up few highlighter of cost and strategic analysis that will be helpful by all means for your future website development project or maintenance of your online business-

1. Platform design

For designing the e-commerce platform like WooCommerce and Magento you need to include many extensions and modules; you may even have to pay up to $250 – $500 to buy or download those online. And that’s not it because cost highly depends on the required services and other aspects. So if you have a mindset on the basic design configuration then it can cost you around $5000. You can consult your project with experts but charges are high, not every business is ready to afford hour approx $10 to $100 individually.

2. Website Design

Online retailers need customer’s attention so they can gain huge traffic on the website; therefore they spend money on making the website much attractive and interactive to attract customers or visitors. They include good quality of graphics and animation and highly usable services in their commercial website. If you want to optimize maintenance of your website functionality and interface you can pick up or download convenient themes and templates online. As it’s not a freemium service you have to pay amount of minimum $250 ranging to $1000 or more depending on the kind of development you are seeking.

3. Content development

Among the ecommerce development services, an insightful content is a superlative formula to offer perceptive information on the website to the customers; additionally, you need to update a regular blog on your e-commerce site. You can hire an SEO executive to provide your site the best reach in the online market; therefore you will be charged approx $50 – $100 hourly. For the best content or blog development, you might be charged on basis of per word. It is important for the elemental SEO process so they can manage your website as per the marketing demands.

4. Website Hosting

If you compare web hosting price according to the size of the website then you will encounter different costs at the SaaS platforms. For a small online store, the price of web hosting may vary from $20- $250 inclusive of the limited services in the package. Many hosting provider platforms offer various plan into their package services; thus whether you are planning for the large scalable online business or just starting out the cost is directly proportional to your needs of web hosting in accordance to your business site.

Overall Cost Estimation

While deducing a relevant cost figure for e-commerce website manufacturing; we got an outline to each step of development and along with this we also calculated the various mechanized charges. Here, we are revealing an overall average cost of a commercial site design and maintenance. It would be helpful for an e-commerce development company and developers to reconsider the elements of business sites with respect to the expenses –

  • If you are favoring an open source software for your small online store or just starting out then you have to spend approx $2k to $11k overall. This cost estimation is provided on the basis of popular hosted platforms.
  • For a medium online store, you may have to pay approx $5k to $15k for complete manufacturing of the website. The price might increase up to $30k, increasing as per the requirement of existing services.
  • It will cost you $30k to $400k completely for the large ecommerce business site. Besides, you must know the extra expenses while preferring the large scale of commercial business.


An entrepreneur or a startup should never lose focus on the cost factor. One must always keeps in mind the cost estimation of a website design according to the realistic resources. It is even more mandatory for the small businesses with minimal resources. Also to through some light on the subject, if you hire ecommerce developer from India it would be much cost effective to your website development inclusive of with best services.

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