AngularJS is a popular framework for developing Android and iOS applications for all platforms. It is managed by Google so has been leading the open source app development frameworks. As the framework comes up with feature-rich properties and client-side features, it is preferred by most of the mobile app developers and app development companies. There are lots of features an AngularJS development company offers in toolbox to manufacture a mobile app. This framework has the capability to make easy the development process and testing across complexity and standard of the project. Some important features are given here that could be enough to prove it as best to build apps across platforms without any doubt-

1. MVVM Architecture

Angular JS framework doesn’t put together the MVC model (Model-View-Control) in a customary way. The design allocates an outstanding match with MVVM (Model-View-View-Model) pattern. Let’s understand you this concept breaking down each part-

  • ViewModel

ViewModel is a $scope that accessible within AngularJS framework. $scope exists to be an object of JavaScript with an API. This is particularly created for recognition and show of changes.

  • View

Once AngularJS go through analyzing and compiling HTML to add markups and bindings, you will come to a new HTML that is called View.

  • Model

“Model” is known as a straightforward and customary JS object that comes about to be important data in the framework. Developers do not need to implement special getter methods or inherit from classes. 

2. Mobility

AngularJS comes with the mobility feature. Google promoted mobility with features like low memory consumption, performance tuning, and touch support.  It is a great framework for building enterprise mobile application since it included more features. Using AngularJS you can easily resolve the application issues.

3. Three Way Data Winding

Data binding is a significant process for developing the mobile application. In AngularJS, when we update the data model, the UI also get changed. Taking a step further we can update its model to connect with app UI. The process is known as two data binding that can be used in AngularJS. 

The three-way data binding is a great idea as you will be able to keep sync your UI and in-memory data. Simply fetch input from the application, perform it and save on server. Simply keep UI sync with AngularJS.

4. Routing

Routing is also implemented in mobile app development using AngularJS. It introduces a feature called nested states which is a segment of the core AngularJS router. Routing includes many other features that can be integrated into in-app manufacturing. Such features are URL resolver, navigational model, hash changes, child router option etc. Thus, AngularJS can manage all expectations of developers in different manners.

5. Dependency Injection

In AngularJS, you can implement dependency injection to find the programming code from anywhere. This attribute helps developers to use the pre-written code and make them avoid rewriting tedious programming code for any type of mobile application. You can add more specific services using dependency injection in application to make more popular in the market.

What is New in AngularJS Version 6?

There are lots of new things in AngularJS latest version 6 that can make your mobile app more responsive and functional. In the previous version of AngularJS, there was a deficiency of stability, compatibility, and components but with the latest version, it is stable now. With this release of the component development kit, an AngularJS web development company will be able to utilize this toolkit for creating own new components with minimum effort. CDK comes already with mostly used facilities to make new components.


AngularJS comes with lots of features and benefits for mobile app development. The framework offers productive methods with unique features so the developers can get a smooth and effective app development environment. Thus, AngularJS framework has come as a dependable option for different kind of mobile app development projects. Hopes, the above-discussed features of this framework will help you in creating a full-bodied mobile application.

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