Window 10 is the most compatible version of Microsoft OS. The new Window 10 Ready is the resource for independent app developers who want to perform their apps on Window OS; the Microsoft application development authority facilitates you at providing a Window app certification kit that checks the stability, compatibility; performance and reliability while verifying your third-party application on the Window platform. For the Window 10 Ready, your app should comprise following requirement during the verification-

1. Compatible and Durable App

Microsoft will allow your app in the terms of compatibility and flexibility on the Window 10; whether you prefer Window 10 Ready. The following points must be adaptable when verifying the app on Window 10 Ready OS-

  • When your app in process on Window 10 Ready, it must not depend on Window compatibility solutions like AppHelp message, VB6 runtime, compatibility modes etc.; means your app should use its built-up fixes.
  • The application must be aware of DPI; therefore it has to use assembly manifest rather than SetProcessDPIAware.
  • Microsoft will certify your app if it has compatibility manifest and appropriate GUIDs.
  • The application should not use arbitrary DLLs to interrupt Window32 calls also should not use Microsoft or Window NT or Window AppInit dills.

2.      Supporting Window Security

Microsoft certifies your app support Window 10 security\privacy features to manage the reliability of Window OS. Some of the security features your app must execute are-

  • Window 10 offers APTCA security feature that should not be used by your third-party app while ensuring secure accessibility.
  • Your application has to compiled with /SafeSEH flag (to safe exceptions handling), /NXCOMPAT flag (to prevent data execution) and DYNAMICBASE flag (to address space layout randomization).
  • For Window 10 verification the application should use strong ACLs to secure directories and register keys.

3.     Fresh and Permutable Installation

Microsoft wants your app to manage according to the customer usability; likewise, the application must follow these important factors-

  • The app what you want to practice for Microsoft web development platform, has to provide the complete information of itself to the Window 10 inventory/telemetry tools.
  • Whether you have not MSI installer then the installation module have to fill given registry fields while installing-
  • DisplayName
  • Publisher
  • InstallLocation
  • UninstallString
  • VersionMajor and VersionMinor
  • MajorVersion and MinorVersion
  • An app should not come about the reasons to make the window system for restarting forcibly. In any critical situation, users should get the chance to restart the system afterward.

4.     Digital Signing the Files & Drivers

  • For verifying your app it needs to generate a digital signature by the application whether it will be helpful to detect the virus or software authenticity.
  • It should also provide an indicative and system-audit log system in the case of failing the Kernel module.
  • Your app must provide an Authenticode certificate to sign the files like .sys, .ocx, .exe and .drv etc.
  • Whatever Kernel-mode drivers are installed by your app, that all have to generate an MS signature which attained through the WHCP (window hardware certification program).

5.     Pursuing User Account Control Instruction

  • The app should provide a manifest administrator that identifies the execution levels and suggests the Window 10 OS what licenses are needed to run the app.
  • The Manifest administrative features should be executed in a split process that runs with administrative opportunity.
  • The MS waiver demands the application to run their main process with prominent user’s rights.
  • Users should feel a secure and reliable experience with default installation whether managing the installation of the application in the location of their preference.


As you know that an app development company and developer want their app to perform on various platforms like Android, iOS and Window OS. Whether we are talking about Window 10 Ready then it must be considered that Microsoft approves the application as per the requirements the app fulfills from top to bottom. Therefore Microsoft manages many certification tools and services to ensure the app which going to run on the Window framework. A verified application can get more advanced features and instant services on Window 10 Ready.

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