Microsoft’s.Net framework is the software framework which mainly contributed to the Window operating system environment. This frame work caters to a huge number of .NET platforms adding up development services across, right from mobile devices to cross-platform operating system. Integrating a.Net bot in AWS is really interesting when you use AWS services in bot like storage services, customer support, and bandwidth etc. So, here we are discussing some important points about how you can add AWS services with.Net bot and what do you need to start with.Net bot, read the following points-

“Previous Requirements to Start with .Net Bot”

  1. The computer system must be with 1 GB RAM or higher with processors Intel i3/AMD A8 )
  2. Installation of the latest version of Microsoft Visual Studio
  3. AWS account
  4. Window/Linux OS with its latest version

The AWS Services Folderfor.Net

Before integrating AWS in.Net bot, a dot net developer needs to know the domain relevant AWS services beforehand with the proper implementation. So, follow the given points in order-

Amazon Lex

Amazon Lex is the service provided by Amazon to create a Chatbot conversation UI. This service relies on text and voice using natural language understanding and ASR (automatic speech recognization). Alexa is a very popular and personal assistant of Amazon, powered by Amazon Lex.

Amazon lambda

Amazon made it to manage the code without any complexity. It provides a back-end server support by Amazon. In this scenario, the.Net coding that is written for Bot application managed by Lambda. Besides, it can support various code languages like Java, Node.Js, C#, and Python. Using the Amazon Lambda, the other services of AWS can be started in one step due to pre-built AWS development kit.

AWS development Tools & SDK

There are lots of AWS development tools – AWS CodePipeline, AWS CodeBuild, CodeDeploy, CodeCommit, andCodeStar. These tools offered in AWS according to the user’s demands. In addition, the APIs cover up all the domains in software technology system incorporating IOT.

Amazon Cognito

Amazon Cognito is one of the AWS services comes with data synchronization and user authentication between the website and mobile application. It helps in providing a protected UI for guest access and login. 

.Net Integration with AWS

  • In the above-discussed points, we cover AWS services provided by Amazon. Now, we are discussing the integration of those AWS services with.Net chatbot, so, have a look at the following steps-
  1. Developing an Amazon Lex Box

First, you can start creating an AWS web app specifying the region which is powered by AWS. After that, you can create a Lex Box by using button ‘Create’. Moreover, you can build a custom chatbot but always keep in mind that Lex is performing on the.Net bot now. You can analyze the chatbot button and give a final touch by clicking the publish button.

  1. Amazon lambda for Lex

Amazon Lambda is developed using these options-

  • AWS Toolkit for Widow (Visual Studio)
  • AWS Management Console
  • Command line interface
  • .Net core command line interface

These functions are integrated with the Lex Bot to perform initialization and validation. Lambda follows a concept “Code Hook”; it means a part of the code is separated as a module that can be changed for responding differently. 

  1. Using Amazon Cognito

 A‘Federated Identity Pool’ is made using Cognito to authenticate the bot to perform for different users. A Pool ID is built so you can show the sample code and maintain the pool ID for making changes to the access.Net chatbot.

  1. Deploying the Bot

Now, you can launch the bot online. This process completed by utilizing AWS CloudFormation template to launch on the Window server, Linux, Mac OS and the tools are used- CodeStar and Code Commit.


For a new one, the above-given processes might be intimidated while developing chatbots  first time but optimizing regularly with a full practice and experimenting with coding gives results with full of flexibility. So, users can try that and also they can use GitHub for coding so they will be able to play with codes.

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