Mobile application trend has a lot of competitive edges these days, with 90% of mobile users are smartphone users around 70% business have turned towards Mobile Applications to cater their business needs globally. While there is a need to have Mobile App development, it is also important to have a close estimation of total costs for rolling out a mobile application.

iOS being one of the most popular platforms, developing an iOS mobile app can leverage you several benefits. While looking forward to iOS App Development, to avoid over expenditure, you must justify your requirements before creating the cost-effective iOS app. Here, we are discussing a case study so you can get ideas about iOS app development costs by different app types-

                   “The Key Factors Affecting the Development Cost”

Considering the given factors you can set your plan for iOS app development.  It is possible you can cut the costs of each factor and control accordingly.

  • Type of app and its complexity, whether it is a commercial app or gaming app or any type of business app.
  • The UI/UX design and SDKs integration
  • Integration of third-party application
  • QA and unit testing
  • Hardware capabilities such as camera and GPS etc
  • The skill of iOS developers and other considerations

iOS App Development Cost by App Type

Mostly the app development cost depends on the working hours how much a project consumes. Besides, it comes according to the cost functionality and complexity. Therefore, we are discussing the iOS app manufacturing cost dividing it into three parts- Simple complexity, middling complexity, and higher complexity. We are assuming a near-average ($50/hour) to develop an app. Have a look below-

  • Simple Complexity

Generally, a simple app integrates basic functionalities. In a simple standard, iOS application development services include a feed list, standard UI components, and simple filters, and map markers. It doesn’t add third-party APIs and backend services. The development cost of this kind of application starts at $ 20k and simply takes approx 600 hours entirely.

  • Middling Complexity

Developing an app of medium complexity integrates more features such as real-time chats, payment features, APIs integrations, custom UI features, and backend server. The manufacturing cost starts at $35k to $50k and it takes 600 to 800 hours total.

  • Higher Complexity

App development in this category integrates advanced functionality with more wide-ranging features e.g. real-time synchronization, custom animation, audio/video processing, multifaceted backed server, and third-party services and database relationships etc. the whole development process will take 800+ hours and the cost starts at $60k to $80 k.

  • Standalone apps such as camera, clock, calculator, and settings have cost around $50k completely.
  • The development cost of the applications that known as the data-consuming app only (calendar, weather, and stocks) is $50 k-$100k.
  • The user authentication app as Google drive, ESPN etc has the development cost between $100k – $300k.
  • The development cost of social networking app, dating app ( Facebook, Snapchat, Tinder)
  • E-commerce app like Amazon development cost is $200 – $1000k.
  • Cost of an on-demand app like Uber, post mates etc is $100k -$1500k.
  • Two-sided marketplace app development cost $200k- $1500k

Hourly development cost in different countries –

  • In Northern America the development cost- $20 to $250/hourly
  • In Eastern Europe the development cost- $18 to $100/hourly
  • In Western Europe the development cost- $18 to $180/hourly
  • In Australia the development cost- $20 to $150/hourly
  • In India the development cost- $18 to $80/hourly

As we can see offshore development in countries like India is extremely economic, you can choose Indian developers over the other regions but when it comes to exploring quality you should choose best iOS developers in American and European countries. To create a balance between price and quality look for European developers.

A quite overview of iOS app development from the topmost app development companies in the world

  1. Softway Solutions: $100,000 to $250,000
  2. Dom & Tom:$80,000 to $150,000
  3. Hyperlink InfoSystem: $7,000 to $30,000
  4. Fueled:$100,000 to $300,000
  5. Plastic mobile:$110,000 to $300,000


Creating a higher quality app is such a complex task because it demands the right blending of design, usability, and technology that provide a lot of hype to your iOS Development cost.

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