While planning any new Android Application you need to choose what can make your application much beautiful and attractive. Developers go through a selection procedure of language to be used for coding of the application. Amongst which majorly preferred languages are Java and Kotlin. Java, the traditional language, is used mostly by the Android developers and Kotlin, is proclaimed official language for Android by Google. For making a decision here are some important pointers that can help you select the appropriate one from the Java and Kotlin-

Java vs. Kotlin

Why is Java?

As we have mentioned above that Java is the traditional language to manufacture Android apps. If you investigate at top 10 mobile app development companies you still find Java is the best programming language because developers have been using it since before the Android mobiles came to use. Furthermore, it is also much appropriate having immense open source tools/aspects and libraries to provide congruous support the developers. Besides, Java community gives online support whether a developer needs anywhere, anytime.

For beginners, Java is the subject that offers lots of opportunities in the Android development field that can make their knowledge job laborious. Some important factors about Java that might be adaptable-

  1. It provides integrated codes available online.
  2. It can be updated frequently.
  3. Android system supports Java language code which is too much then you expect.
  4. For Java development, Android system connects all libraries with it.
  5. For freelancers, Java provides many app development tasks to master their expertise and knowledge.

Why is Kotlin? 

Kotlin, since is the official language for Android development, is gaining rapid popularity among mobile app development companies in the US. Google publicized it as an official language because the Android market in the US is smaller comparatively, so the development companies might show an interest in Kotlin rather than Java. Second thing is, people are showing much interest in Kotlin and preferring it, reasons its syntax is so easy to understand and you do not need to adopt upper-level programming terminologies to learn it. Even beginners can learn this language without any extra hitches.

Having a look at given factors you can find more reasons for choosing Kotlin as per your preference-

  • Android IDE has all libraries and functionalities that are required when running the Kotlin code.
  • You can find online approx 2000 Android GitHub projects built in Kotlin; means you have more projects rather than Java.
  • The interoperable thing between Java and Kotlin is, developers are able to perform both at the same instance.
  • Using a plugin allows you to convert Java codes into Kotlin; so it is much appreciable for any Android developer.
  • It is useful in the removal of the garbage collection.


Which One Should You Prefer?

Both languages are highly efficient but you need to select one.

  • According to the top 10 app development companies, Java is much flexible for enterprise app development whereas Kotlin personal favorite of beginners and small businesses and startups.
  • The other point is that Java has its active market around it so, still it is much favorable among developers but Kotlin is a new thing so the new developers can adopt this language and likewise, it is going to be peerless hugely among professionals also.
  • Java is definitely much-practised language but we all have previous experiences that the new thing always presents much stuff with new taste; so you should just try Kotlin for your next project if not, Java has its position by now.


While selecting the accurate language for your new project, it is necessary to optimize the best strategies top to bottom because choosing better one from both languages is complicated when you are already proficient in particular one. Moreover, seek consult of experts and professionals to implement your outlines straightforwardly.

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