NopCommerce is an e-commerce platform managed by Microsoft. It is based on dot net so can fit into every online store requirements. The framework offers many aspects and well-structured business solutions to online vendors. In order to make an online store wide-ranging and flexible NopCommerce development services comprise an extensive number of tools and modules. So, no doubt this platform has everything a vendor requires to get started an online store. Some significant features of this framework are described here that could be enough to provide the best eCommerce solutions- 

1. Multi-Store

NopCommerce comes with wide-range of e-commerce solutions. The platform allows you to run multiple online stores from a single administrator. Since the backend database is the same for all online stores, setting up multiple stores is beneficial to B2B promoters. They can easily share product information with small and large destination and encourage the primary store to make a connection with them. Means when you are running a B2B business you will be able to share index details, description of special products across multiple stores.

2. SEO Services

Optimization of any web application is an important phase. This framework comes with the search engine optimization properties so an owner can make the website searchable on search engine page. NopCommerce offers various analytics tools and features that can help optimizers in enhancing site execution. Some SEO features NopCommerce supports are given here-

  • URL building and optimization
  • Website content, image, video optimization
  • The underpinning of Meta Labels, and product description, XML and HTML sitemaps
  • Google analytics, website optimizer etc

3. Customer Solution

NopCommerce development includes lots of features to make help of customers. Some of them are given here-

  • NopCommerce facilitates external configuration so a customer can access using Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Wishlist is an option to store your products to buy that later.
  • An online retailer is able to add specific security features for different user categories.
  • The customer can create required customer-attribute and can disable as per the condition.
  • They can get information on their order history and delivery status.
  • Private messaging service and password recovery tools.

4. Tax Management

NopCommerce offers flexibility for tax estimation so the retailers can manage tax setting from the dashboard. Features of a tax management system-

  • You can mark specific products as taxable as per the country, state, or Zipcode.
  • Create tax categories for different product’s types.
  • Price distribution including and excluding tax.
  • If the shipping process is taxable the owner can state it easily.
  • Online retailers can specify if billing, shipping, address setting is taxable.

5. Mobile-Friendly

You can find straightforward solutions with mobile compatibility in this platform. Your online business can reach to a huge level whether the e-commerce site is responsive to a small screen. NopCommerce via Smartphone can make your online store versatile and effective to the world audience. Some interesting features of m-commerce with Nopcommerce-

  • Using an e-commerce site on mobile you can move to deliver faster page loading.
  • Using a Smartphone you can find seamless registration process and users information without any upheaval.
  • In m-commerce, many advanced searching features are available. Moreover, you can use the filter extension that can set customers to make the deal for the desired product.
  • Mobile features include unlimited push notifications. This methodology is influential to reach the requirements of customers.

Technologies can be used with NopCommerce

NopCommerce is a highly scalable framework. Developers can use the following technologies to create a site-

  • Application server –  IIS server
  • Database server  – SQL server
  • Programming language – Asp.Net, C#
  • Third-party support – Labels, website payment Pro, Data, and multiple payment gateways



You can see many e-commerce frameworks in comparison to NopCommerce in the industry and all are offering amazing features and tools. But NopCommerce can be utilized to get wonderful customization options. The framework definitely is a huge package of e-commerce solutions includes some different and attractive aspects in term of online store development. Hopes, you will understand the importance of NopCommerce through above-given specialities.

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