Laravel is one of the top PHP frameworks offers a wide-range of Laravel development services across different website development projects. Using Laravel framework you will be able to build any size of the web app. Laravel comes with lots of manufacturing tools and themes that help developers in crafting a versatile website. Implementing these tools and themes you can add various features like social networks, security, password management etc.

We are discussing some exclusive and popular tools below that are reliable and helpful in developing a Laravel application. Have a look below-

1.  Eyewitness

Eyewitness is an important tool that can help a Laravel developer in checking emails, queues, and other things. This tool is compatible with Laravel version 5.1 and greater.  Eyewitness monitors the following things-

  • This tool helps in tracking queues, databases, SSL, DNS, and logs and other things.
  • Eyewitness alerts you when any element of web application crosses distinct limitations.
  • Eyewitness builds a custom monitor to integrate any particular functionality.
  • The tool also helps in finding if queues are getting backlogs.

2. Talk

It is a real-time conversation tool that is used in sending messages. Talk makes the messaging system much convenient and creative. You can add talk to track, make conversation, and send/receive a message. This tool can be integrated into any Laravel project. Features of Talk-

  • It offers concurrent and head-to-head messaging service
  • Option to permanent delete messages
  • Helps in creating new chat environment
  • You can delete chats from both ends
  • Pagination process in threads and messages

3. Charts

This tool comes with lots of chart options and chart libraries. You can choose the charts that you want to include in your application regardless of your requirements.

4. Testing Tools

Laravel testing tools are easy to integrate. Laravel test chrome extension is the best example of the test tool. This tool is dependable and can be utilized to test your application code. Moreover, this tool helps in preview how your application will look after creation. You can use this tool each element of application to perceive if any area is not working properly as they must do.

5. Cheatsheet

Cheatsheet also is one of the most significant tools that must be included in Laravel toolbox. You can make this tool more convenient and usable by adding it to the browser bar. Cheatsheet includes configurations, routing, HTML apps, and other virtual cheats. The tool can be viewed as per needs. Thus, it is pretty good and flexible you can use it frequently.

6.  Artisan CLI

Artisan is a command-line interface which offers lots of useful controls. This command tool is helpful to give commands while you are creating an application. Some Artisan command uses are given below-

  • You can make a list of all accessible commands.
  • Look for the support screen for a command.
  • You can explain the configuration setting.
  • You can show the current version of Laravel.

7. TLDR Pages

TLDR is Laravel command line tool. It can help in making simpler “man pages “with the help of a practical example of commands. TLDR command follows a way to perform after you have added it; the way is by passing it to another command.

8. Xdebug

Xdebug is a great tool to analyze your Laravel application. Basically, it is an extension for PHP platform but is compatible with Laravel easily. With the help of Xdebug, you can test your app code and help in debugging and development. It is really amazing tools to save your time by avoiding unnecessary things.

Besides to these tools, there are hundreds of themes and templates are available, you can select your favorites and use them in customizing website interestingly. 


There are hundreds of tools are available to build a Laravel application but the above-discussed are more popular and always play a significant role to customize a web application. In order to make your website much extensive and attractive, you can seek many other tools and themes. However, the aforementioned tools are powerful and enough to make fulfilled your requirements.

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