Since 2011, the popular Laravel framework has approached a long position and definitely at present it is considered the best PHP framework around the world. It is powerful, much efficient and easy to use and dynamic framework over the World Wide Web that makes it the topmost platform in the web development industry. On being compared with other PHP platforms Laravel still stands on the top. It comprises the latest features that make it paramount for contributing best web development services. Some latest and momentous features are discussed here that may show how Laravel is the best PHP framework – 

1. Object-Oriented Libraries

It is very important feature hardly ever found in other popular frameworks, makes Laravel top one among them all. It includes many pre-installed Object-oriented libraries and others can be installed as per developer needs. It adds a very popular pre-installed library called Authentication library which is easy to use and comes with several advanced features for instance Bcrypt hashing, checking active users, password resetting etc.

2. MVC –Based Framework

It supports MVC architecture that makes it a more powerful framework. MVC helps in enhancing the performance and scalability that provide better documentation and plentiful integral functionalities. However, MVC pattern brings it closer to be much flexible for utilization.

3. Security

In Laravel application development, this feature is mostly taken care to make available a secure environment. In this integrated security system salted and hashed password is used which means you can use the password without saving as plain text in the database. Along with this, Laravel security system comes with more services such as HTTP basic authentication, Encryption and password reminder and reset etc.

4. Laracasts (Tutorial Features)

Many times web developers feel to gain knowledge or learn more to deliver better outputs. Laravel framework comes with Laracasts which consist of free and paid tutorial videos that explain how exercise Laravel appropriately. The creation quality is wonderful and the tutorials are evocative by all means.

5. Responsible Interface

It is a class that can be used to execute the interface which returns by utilizing the controller method. After this, the router is responsible to check when making the response from routing. In this way, users can interact with JSON automatically. This action shows Laravel more authenticated and responsive.

Other Winning Features of Laravel

  1. This framework uses a package dependency manager for installing and updating the software. It allows developers to manage third-party packages simply.
  2. It comes with an internal template engine blade that is pre-installed in Laravel and compiled in PHP to enhance the performance.
  3. It comprises CLI based script (Artisan) which is very useful to run a number of commands for automation. In additions, it helps to create a model, controller and service provider.
  4. Laravel developers incorporated very important feature as unit testing for scanning and analyzing the code what could affect that. It makes the developer’s life easy and more efficient as they can reduce the time while working on web development.
  5. It specifies Scout tool which makes users easy by searching all kind of powerful modules.


With the all given features Laravel has proven itself a great performer and an essential framework around. A developer can choose Laravel if he/she needs to build a web application in all sizes and whichever business (e-commerce, healthcare, real estate etc) you hold you can make a plan for robust web development on Laravel framework to administer your business easily. 

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