Which is much flexible, secure and handy framework for website development between Laravel and WordPress? You can’t make a decision by far if you don’t go through the study about the one particular. Laravel, it is popular PHP framework having various astonishing services whereas a Laravel development company makes developers develop sense for achieving needful technology aspects. WordPress already has its community around it so it is going to be tough by choosing one from both. But before you pick one you should analyze following case studies-


Laravel the most popular PHP framework designed for web development was developed by Tylor Otwell back in year 2011. It is an open source framework and works on the MVC pattern. Laravel provides many accessible and influential aspects that are helpful for developing a robust and attractive web application. Many important features are available on Laravel that can be constructive to a PHP developer, few of them are –

  1. Code Separation: – It is useful for designers to change the HTML webpage appearance without requiring the developer help; additionally, At the programming phase, Laravel code separation boosts the process of bug fixing and possible features requiring.
  2. Tools for Faster Website Development: – Laravel works on cache back-ends which can be useful for speeding up the web performance; Redis and Memcached are loved cache back-ends supported by Laravel to use file cache driver.
  3. Unit-Testing: – It is necessary to implement Unit-Testing on each phase of web development. One of the important features of Laravel is automation testing; it is a convenient service help at analyzing the programming code with PHP unitl. You can fix bugs, error or application crashes to improve the web functionality.
  4. In-Built Templates and Libraries: – You find inbuilt template and libraries in Laravel which helps designers to create layouts implementing dynamic content. Pre-installed and object-oriented libraries are found only in Laravel framework. Bcrypt hashing, password reset and protection, and encryption are the best example of the pre-installed library.
  5. Mail Service: – Laravel framework provides a clean API configuration over the SwiftMailer library; besides it recommends drivers for Mailgun, SMTP, Mandrill, Amazon SES and more. It makes an application ready to send an email via cloud service and also supports various delivery channels such as SMS, Slack etc for sending and receiving notifications.

A Laravel app development company provides you services like

  • Migration service for database
  • MVC architecture support
  • Exception Handling
  • Routing service to maintain website
  • Modular packaging system


WordPress is another PHP framework; usually, it is the first choice of web developers. If you are working on a project that consists of completely user-based functions like content uploading, internal messaging, profile matching, registration and payment system etc then the WordPress based code is better and easier to carry out. Whether you are planning for major web projects, you need plugins and structure of WordPress. Few advantageous features are-

  1. WordPress Plugin: – To extend WordPress big web development projects you are facilitated to make plugin by the WordPress APIs. You can host plugin repository by creating Plugins on the website.
  2. Application Framework: – It provides many useful things like HTTP requests, databases, URL routing and translation and much more services; these all are used to develop a web application on WordPress framework.
  3. Custom Theme and Content: – On WordPress, you are able to make custom themes for clients or customers; the WordPress APIs will offer you an extension to build themes as per your preference whether you need to create it simple or complex.

Another thing, custom content types are used to make own custom post types, metadata, and taxonomies. If you want your web application more flexible you need to integrate few lines of code while creating custom content types.

  1. Media Management System: – You can upload your media files like images, audio/video into the WordPress uploader of your website; moreover, adding captions, images titles into the web content your website would appear much attractive to users.
  2. SEO-Friendly: – To take care of your web application, WordPress is optimized for the SEO (search engine optimization) service; you can find various SEO plugins for your web applications.

Other Useful characteristic and Services of WordPress are-

  • Multilingual framework (Available in more than 70 languages)
  • Provides easy tools to publish content
  • User management framework
  • Provides Built-in comments service
  • Performs under GPL to provide you work freedom

What Should Choose?

You hardly able to select better one if you consider all analyzed study is described above because both frameworks have its specialization particularly in web development field. But at some points, Laravel has its impact having more extraordinary functionalities such are-

  1. Laravel has more development strategies over the WordPress; in addition, its restful controller provides automated stacking of PHP.
  2. Laravel is faster than WordPress for website manufacturing.
  3. Laravel services consist of Blade templating engine; it is powerful tools of Laravel.
  4. You can keep away technical issues using Laravel.
  5. You can use OOPs (object-oriented programming) whether using Laravel.


Most developers use WordPress because it is much practiced among them. It is a much-implemented framework so it provides easiness for web manufacturing; although Laravel comes with more aspects and services so it depends only on one’s predilection. So it needs to speak that Laravel application development is much appropriate at present time; besides it is simply compatible with PHP language code.

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