In today’s digital era, just having an online presence is not enough. To reach a great number of audiences and increase your visitors, you essentially have a functional, interactive, captivating and latest designed website. There are a great number of websites on the internet, so you need to stay updated always to stay ahead of the curve.

A website must provide a great, engaging and dynamic user experience for the success of a business. Also, graphics play a very important role to make your website captivating. The best way to ensure your success is to keep your website updated with the latest trends and technologies. Here are the latest trends in web development that will dominate in 2019:

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is getting popular speedily and we can see it everywhere including web development. Many companies now understand the benefits of AI and want to use it for their web development project to increase productivity and customer satisfaction.

“Single Page Applications (SPAs)”

SPAs are a big hit this year and the popularity will even grow in the coming year because of its simplicity and unmatched speed. It is single page navigation which is a long webpage. It makes the navigation pretty easy and it works smoothly on PCs and mobile devices as well.

Blockchain Technology

Probably, you must aware about the popularity of blockchain technology. It provides great security of your data which is stored as a distributed ledger. The technology is getting very popular in different industries.

Using blockchain technology massive transactions can be instantly authenticated easily. Today, many big brands such as IBM, Microsoft and Amazon and more are building the blockchain platforms for themselves.

Motion UI

Another trend in web design and development is motion UI. The use of attractive graphics on the web page is becoming widely common. As per the research simple, interactive graphics attract users better; this is why motion UI is getting famous nowadays. Captivating graphics on your website drives attention of a number of users whereas Static images and flash-based graphics no more liked by users. And the popularity of motion UI is going to grow only as it encourages users to pay close attention.

More Enriched Designs

Design of a website is as important as its functionality and simplicity. Using great designs, font and shapes, you can make your website look stunning. These elements attract users’ attention. 3D graphics, bright colours, unique fonts, translucent buttons, natural shapes are the latest design trends because they successfully catch the visitors attention and encourage them to spend more time on your website and go through the rest of the content of the website.

Push Notifications

Having been used in many mobile apps successfully, push notifications have become an important element of most websites. They help the user by notifying them about exclusive offers, personalized promotions, new published content and more. It is in the trend 2019 because of its great results.

“Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)”

Progressive web apps work almost as the native mobile app and offer users the best browsing experience. There are many businesses that already using progressive web apps and experienced increased conversion rate and enhanced user engagement. This is what makes it a leading trend in 2019.

Low Code Development

Low code development makes development task a quick and easy thing to do. It includes no complex coding, no long syntax and also no expertise is required for developing a website. There are many superb websites that have been developed using low code development. This is why it is becoming the most preferred choice for the development of a website.


Since we see the growing use of mobile devices are making users to access most of the websites from their mobile phones. This is where most brands choosing responsive web design which allows accessing your website to a wide range of devices. It can help display your website on mobile devices equally perfect. To make your website reach to wider audiences, it becomes essential to choose responsive web design.


With advancement in technology, where we have seen the great innovations and developments, also many threats like data breaches, security attacks, data privacy infringement and confidentiality breaches are seen in recent years. Since cyber attacks can adversely affect work environment and bring any danger, it is always good to essentially choose a powerful safeguard. So, cybersecurity will be a dominant trend in 2019.


Now that you have gone through the top trends, there are also some technologies that we can see in web development including Voice User Interface, AR, and IoT for Web gaining momentous traction. All emerging technologies bring a great number of opportunities for businesses and web developers as well.

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