Magento has become one of the most customary frameworks in the world,with respect to its preeminent e-commerce solution elemental of flexibility, scalability, and other developing features it is a framework that is a global choice of eminent developers.

Magento endows the e-Commerce websites with a professional demeanor and improves the overall website functionality. Lately, it is also seen that Magento web development has undergone a revamping.It’s advance features and agility in development has made it a popular choice for development of e-Commerce website. Here are some of them to prove our point-

· Open Source

Magento is an open-source platform, it’s Open Source Edition offers free e-commerce customization in accordance to requirement. Whether itsgiant online business or just a startup, the Open Source Editions accentuates the ease of development in Magento.Also, it comes witha straightforward management and provides a great tool-system which allows customers to spin up an e-commerce store swiftly with minimal upheaval.It comes with theperks of Magento developer Community that is always at your disposal for resolving issues and keeping product updated.

· Modular and Customizable

We see e-Commerce businesses emerging in all shapes and sizes and of course types, but with it comes diverse enterprise needs. Thus, Magentohelps in coping with these challenges and meetsdevelopment needs of all assortments, whether a startup or corporate it takes care of everything. Magento is a highly customizable platform,with theversatility in coding it brings agility in modularization that help leverage scalability.

· Fast Performance

It allows you to cache and load your pages fast by using Varnish-to retrieve data from huge databases in milliseconds.This feature aggravates the functionality and enhances users shopping experience.

· SEO – Friendly

Magento comes with an inbuilt SEO facility which makes it much more SEO-friendly platform then others.Also, Magento shopping cart is an addition to advance functionalities and facilities in optimization process. In short, itrelinquisheshuge flexibility and simplicity to the online store and control over design, content and other.

· Common Backend System

You can run multiple websites on the same common back-end system with Magento.
Every e-commerce website can have a peculiar layout and design and still it would run seamlessly. You can even opt to have a different domain and yet control all of them in real time that to all together via a single integrated admin panel using Magento.

Advance Features

  1. Marketing and Promoting Tools: – It comprises new item promotional tools, product bundles and landing pages for products categories.
  2. Site Management: – Completely customizable web design by using template and CMS for informational and landing pages.
  3. Payment System: – Authorized configurationand integration with multiple payment gateways.
  4. International Support: –Supports for multiple-locations, multiple-currencies and multiple-languages and diverse tax rates.
  5. M-commerce: – Pre-integratedm-commerce for mobile users. This mobile interface uses HTML5 technology that supports multiple mobile browsers.


Magneto has a huge online following and qualifies in each test. It has wonderful possibilities and helps radically in expansion of online business. Furthermore, Magento development companies implement various new technologies that has a huge impact on e-commerce web development. So, investing in the Magento framework might be beneficial for your e-commerce business and you can leverage more advanced features on your online business site.

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