Magento is an open source framework that fulfills subsequent requirements of an online business across e-commerce industry; it is extremely modular and customizable to the Magento developers. They can fabricate it acquiring perquisites what makes it much attractive and user-friendly. Simply putting this topic forward we just want to explore, Why Magento is much better framework for your online business?

Common Features of Magento

If you are planning for the online store then Magento is the best option. You do not need to think about what type of business you creating and no matter what size of business you have, big or small; you can pick up this platform as the top preference. Here, you need to know few common Magento development services; whereby you could make it easier-

  1. Open Source Platform: – It is open source framework that means it is free to install. The Magento community edition is free of cost and it is most active and major developing community for e-commerce platforms. You can install extensions that are available at Magento marketplace for manufacturing the website.
  2. Hosting Service: – Magento is the framework that would allow you to choose hosting services as per your choice. Whereas the Magento community edition offers a convenient hosting service along with all the benefits so it makes the costs low and flexible for you to adapt.
  3. Easy to Customize: – An online business may vary in different sizes where you need to accumulate different types of tools and services to operate it. Magento is the platform that provides you a complete environment of the modular technology and customization for modifying your online business.
  4. Fast Service: – You definitely would like your business website to perform faster with such pressure of workload; Magento is the place where you get much and more for speeding up the website. It will provide you simplicity to retrieve database in milliseconds; moreover, you also can use Varnish to cache pages easily.
  5. Easy to Run Multiple Websites: – It facilitates you to perform different websites using common backend system. You can build different domains for different websites and these all can be managed using a single admin panel.

Enterprise Features of Magento

Above listed are not only the factors to appreciate for an e-commerce business, Magento development companies also focused on numerous features helping an enterprise to work efficiently –

  1. Dynamic Product Service: – Adding some dynamic sell rules to Magento your project managements becomes much systematic. Additionally you can use some strict tools to encourage customers.
  2. Customer Categorization: – This service is too authentic for an e-commerce retailer. You can create a category of users or customers by segmenting on the basis of location, address, preference and other information of them. It helps you to capture a proper mind of customers.
  3. Email Remainders: – To drag the interest of customers, email marketing is a great way to any e-commerce website. Magento offers an email reminder service to website admin used to notify users about products category, new sales, offers and selling history.
  4. Endless Carting: – Using this feature , customers can add a number of products in shop cart. It preserves your products so you don’t have to worry about missing something even while swapping your shopping device.
  5. Gifts for Customers: – The cheerful feature! Gifting the customers can attract more audience to your business website; you can promote your business providing gift on shopping beyond the limit fixed by you. Offer them points while buying products that can be redeemed on their next shopping trivial.

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Magento is a proven choice for e-Commerce development. With the help of a Magento expert, you would be able to gather many outlines that will help you to pick the right choice of Magento development that best meet your enterprise needs.

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