In the year 2017, you all went through the new experiences of mobile applications trend. This year twisted up the mobile app development in the influence way. All mobile apps users and all the developers made a phenomenal instance with cutting-edge techniques in 2017. Now, what will be the new in 2018, yet it is to come but you all already have too much on what you can rely to boost the IT industry.

As we all know the requirements of new technologies, we are stepping fast toward the mobile technology in the present and the future. There are various wonderful mobile IT trends that create a new face of mobile applications. The new development trends are thriving mobile app industry and simplifying the living.

We have some latest trends that reshaping the app development vastly, these are –

  • AI (Artificial Intelligence)

AI is the powerful and cerebral interface that is attaining the vast level of intelligence. Intelligence is a bunch of thoughts, beliefs, opinions and many other eminence things.   An advance analysis and implementation of computer programming to make a relationship with others intellectual mortals terms “Artificial Intelligence”. AI is providing boost – up strategies in the mobile development fields. The biggest business platforms Google, Amazon, Facebook are playing the game with Artificial Intelligence. They all are appreciating the advantages of this new research. So AI is the most significant trend in current mobile technology.

  • Cloud technology

Today, everyone is known for cloud technology. In recent time, it has become fast, cheap and easy to utilize for every developer and user. As the examples, we can take in mind the very popular applications Dropbox, Google Drive, LinkedIn etc. You can optimize the power of these cloud-based mobile apps, after all that the developers are still on effort to make cloud apps more powerful that consume minimum space in mobile storage.

  • VR and AR apps development

VR (Virtual Reality) devices have achieved too much prosperity in this year. For e.g. Samsung Gear, Oculus Rift, and Google Cardboard are the VR appliance that made a revolutionary trend in Android app development.

AR (Augmented Reality) is the addition of digital information that is used in animation vision. Popular games Pokémon Go, Sky Siege etc are the great creation of AR technology. AR apps are developed in 3D programming languages. Consequently, in the technical world AR is sophisticated and machine vision thing for Smartphone applications.

  • IoT ( Internet of Things)

IoT integration with app development is a versatile trend with more efficient interfaces. The new thing is providing an internet solution that enables the users to cope-up with their Smartphone online. IoT is also simplifying the integration of complex app development platforms. The mobile applications that are built for both platforms iOS and Android (Hybrid apps), all require it to manage the communication with others application interfaces.

How IoT is reshaping the Mobile App Development

  • M-commerce

The E-commerce organizations are immensely leading to M-commerce apps development. Developers are giving the functionality in commercial mobile applications such as fingerprint recognization, easy transaction, and NFC etc. The growth of m-commerce in leading platforms (Amazon, Flipkart) is penetrating a huge trend in the online marketplace.

  • Hybrid apps development

Hybrid app development is a very popular drift that is brilliantly leading the application development. Such type of apps can be opened on the multiple platforms or operating system. Hybrid apps are the combination of iOS, Android and Window apps. The apps are implemented as distributed applications for all types mobile framework.

Mobile App development Scale

Approx 15 billion paid applications installed in the year 2017. The average of downloaded free mobile apps in 2017 is 37 apps per individual more or less. According to the determination, approx 254 billion free mobile apps installed in this year around the Globe. Mobile app development companies in the USA is leading the economical rates of IT industry among all nation groups.


The world is running on mobile technology. Everyone is going with new apps experiences day to day. AI, IoT, cloud system and Android games etc are the best examples that are meaningfully proving the technical trends and the software developing. Mobile applications, websites building and several prosperous things that have taken the world so far like a tip on the iceberg.

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