VR application development is comparatively more costly rather than other phone application development. API integrations and app customization need more resources and time. The cost of VR application development including high quality and exclusive features can vary by orders of scale, resources requirement, and size of the project. We are describing here an appropriate study of cost estimation with its amazing features that can help you in calculating the approximate costs while you are at the first stage.Give a look below-

Features of VR application

Third-party Integration: –Number of plugins are available in VR app which allows developers to attach third-party apps in VR app development.

Development Opportunity: – This comprise of various management services like project management, payment model etc.

Marketing Platforms: – Multiple mobile platforms offer an almost free online market to distribute VR applications and VR games. Further, you can take profits of social media to promote the applications.

Great Convenience: – VR application can save time and money to make business work more convenient. You can make an easy decision using VR app to evaluate the design.

Effective Learning System: – It makes the audience’s learning easier with new information about the product and service.

“Cost Estimation of VR App Development”

Rate of VR application development may differ according to the different regions. You may have to pay different prices accordingly and the cost may get change as per the addition of advanced features. Make a look at the various manufacturing cost in different regions-

A mobile app development company in the USA may charge you approx $ 40 – $240 per hour and it might increase along with advance feature.

In Western Europe, you may be charged $40 – $180 hourly whereas in Eastern Europe you will be charged approx $25 – $70 hourly.

In India, you would get a much more affordable price where you can have world class services just at $5 – $70 per hour.

Some application that can be built for VR are discussed here with the estimation of their total development costs-

  • The development cost of online shopping application in VR is approx $ 15k – $25k.
  • The development cost of VR game application approx $5k – $8k.
  • Development cost of 3Ds Max in VR $50k – $ 200k.
  • Development cost of MMORPG starts form $100k

The exact price depends on development firm you hire. So, the final cost and overall time for building a VR application-

  • 3D runner app development in VR cost starts from $5k
  • Horror game cost in VR $5k to $35k
  • Theatre in VR cost $10k to $35k for UI and for backend $10k
  • VR shop cost $11k to $35k for UI and $5k to $15k for backend

Total development cost is approximately around $5k to $300k and time taken can vary from 3 months to 24 months.


If you have budget and flexibility then it is better to come for VR app development. At this stage, you have to make a clear cost and time estimation for your project. For your convenience, you can divide your VR app development project into the separate dash and set price accordingly.

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