The stunning version of .Net has been released recently and it has taken the world by storm in the web development segment. Website developers worldwide are feeling on seventh sky by the launch of .Net Core 2.0 because it has made the web development process swift and efficacious to the core. Well, in this post, we will mention about the attractive features of this new version which will make development like a piece of cake.

5 Splendid features of .Net core 2.0:

#1 Feature of Tooling:

In the earlier kinds of .NET Core, you were just required to run the dotnet restore command for the downloading of dependencies instantly after you have just created a wonderful project by making use of .NET new command and also whenever you desire to add a new dependency for any of your project. In case of this newfangled version .NET Core 2.0, .NET restore is meant to run indirectly when .NET new command is being put into practice. This also runs inherently when the dependencies are meant to be upgraded by other kinds of commands, like run, build and also publish the commands and for carrying out. When the .NET Core 2.0 SDK is being installed, every kind of project which targets .NET Core 1.x can just be said to have retargeted for .NET Core 2.0. For retargeting of .NET Core 2.0, you just have to edit your project file through altering value of components from 1.x to 2.0.

#2 Terrific feature of supporting language:

Yet another feature of .NET Core 2.0 which grabs the eyeballs of developers is that, it supports the language Visual Basic. Apart from the colossal support of C# & F#, the all new .NET Core 2.0 also has the enormous support of Visual Basic language.

Visual Basic:

Through the new variant of 2.0, .NET Core is also meant for supporting Visual Basic 2017. This particular language works wonders for creating below mentioned kinds of projects:

  • For creating .NET Core console application
  • For creation of .NET Core xUnit test projects
  • For creation of .NET Core class libraries
  • For the purpose of creating .NET Core unit test projects
  • For creating of .NET Standard class libraries

Good support for C# 7.1:

This feature will take dot net development to the next level. The all new version of .NET Core 2.0 is also meant for supporting C# 7.1 and this also incorporates smashing features and includes the following:

  • Concluded tuple names
  • Varied default expressions too
  • The Main method and application entry point can also be just marked through async keyword.
#3 Eye-popping features of platform enhancements:

One of the loveliest features of this graded version of .NET Core 2.0 is also the platform improvising and this makes it plain sailing for installing .NET Core and using it for supported operating systems. This up-to-the-minute .NET Core 2.0 also provides single Linux implementation which works on the multifarious Linux distributions. Even this .NET Core 1.x required that you will just download a kind of distribution-specific Linux implementation. You will also be able to create enthralling apps which will also target every Linux distribution separately.

#4 Boosting of documents:

This .NET application architecture also provides you enormous access for setting of eBooks which provide good guidance and also the sample applications while using .NET for creating:

  • Different types of docker containers and microservices
  • Astonishing applications which are just deployed in Cloud with the backing of Azure
  • Stunning web applications through ASP.NET
  • Marvelous mobile applications through the help of Xamarin
#5 Feature of extended APIs:

Another impressive feature in .NET Core 2.0 which will give new wings to asp .net application development is the enthralling set of APIs and this does includes numerous missing functionality. This also massively supports 32000+ APIs in it. It has got quite simple for porting your code in the .NET Standard library with no such kind of code changes too. One of the problems also includes that .NET Core had been the lack of third party libraries. Say for instance, when the 1.0 version was launched, famous logging libraries such as log4net were just not available. This had also been the problem when you aspire to deploy your captivating app on Mac or for Linux. You would also like to know that .NET Standard 2.0 has also included the enthralling compatibility shim which will just enable any of the .NET Core application for reference of full framework library.

Final Words:

So, this new .NET Core 2.0 has hit the floors and is making the developers quite happy through the attractive features loaded in the same. It will make the web development process as easy as pie for the developers worldwide. You must go ahead with downloading of this recently launched .NET Core SDK and begin web development projects by resorting to this new upgraded and enhanced variant of .NET Core 2.0. Microsoft Application Development will be heightening with this version.

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