Choosing a robust and dependable technology for mobile app development can be a good decision that is worthy in order to get the best app developing approach. Therefore, you need to be informed about the handy resources to produce perennial mobile app solutions. PhoneGap is the preeminent technology that can put a great value to mobile app development. Developers can build native applications for any mobile device utilizing CSS, JavaScript and HTML integrating all features on Phone Gap framework. There are many reasons Phone Gap is creating space in mobile app development these days, we are having a deep discussion here about Phone Gap so you may understand the compatibility in-app manufacturing-

1. Understanding of Native APIs

It is helpful to maintain the native APIs and provides a high accessibility to the mobile app features like camera, accelerometer, Geolocation, and contacts etc. These features give a superior experience which is far better compared to web applications.

2. Cross-Platform Accessibility

Phone Gap comes with the great level of cross-platform accessibility that supports several different development platforms such are Android, iOS, Windows, and webOS and Symbian etc. this means you need to write only single code with less effort for implementing multiple platforms individually.

3. Third-Party Integration Tools

Phone Gap is comprised of many additional third-party integration tools that are commonly helpful in testing, debugging and managing your app. Some tools are given below-

  • ConfiGAP: – Using ConfiGAP you can make the config.XML files utilized by Adobe® PhoneGap™ Build. Whenever you use Phone Gap you will come to know that making this config.XML file might be a complex task and ConfiGAP make this complex task a little bit simple.
  • Foneverify: – It is a useful tool to verify user’s mobile number. Integrating the tool, developers will be able to verify phone numbers in more than 200 countries.
  • BuildFire: – This tool doesn’t require any technical skill. iOS or Android experts can build any type of complex application using convenient web interface.
  • Mobiscroll UI: – With this tool, you can deliver various products on cross-platform mobile UI framework. MobiscrollUI works better also with other development tools, libraries, and frameworks.

4. Ideal for Large Businesses

Bringing your own mobile application in enterprises definitely is a big challenge. PhoneGap mobile app development can make the situation effortlessallowing the developers for writing programming code to build a universal app that can perform on all mobile devices. Through implement this process you can take more businesses advantages at each step.

5. Affordable

While planning a mobile app development and you have tight budgets for investment then Phone Gap is the best option. It is not only cost effective but also provides flexible platforms with various tools to create a feasible mobile application so that you can save your time and money ultimately.

Other Common Features of Phone Gap

  1. It is open source framework
  2. It provides highly innovative and robust backend
  3. Capable to do multi task only with single effort
  4. Easy tapping into device hardware


The discussion above is in support to the qualities and features of how Phone Gap is the foremost solution that can help you in placing your app development at the zenith. So, you ought to move towards this framework in order to create a flourishing mobile app in a significant manner.

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