We all know that PHP is the most popular and adorable language among the website developers all around the world. It is one of the excellent languages that come with various exclusive tools that have the great capability for running and optimizing the website while reducing the load. Now, PHP has advanced tools for developing the AMP version. We will know later why PHP website development recommended for AMP but before that, you need to know what is AMP and what are its advantages? So, go through the discussion given below- 

What is AMP?

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is the new technique of Google that helps is creating new web pages for static content.AMP is also considered as aiding tool for web designers who have the goal of optimizing the web pages performance. It is an open-source framework that has been designed mainly for businesses so that they can improve business’s page speed on the mobile network. Advantages of AMP-

“It provides a mobile-friendly and interactive user interface”.

  • You can reduce the excessive ads using AMP
  • Self-adjustments in multiple browsers
  • Optimization as per the user demand and usage
  • Satisfying user-experience

Why PHP Development Company Recommended for AMP?

Some significant features of PHP are discussed here, that are enough reasons to understand that PHP is fully suitable for AMP development-

  • Open-Source

As PHP is well-known open-source web developing language that works with good efficiency with all emerging platforms, it reduces the cost of implementation and so recommended as the best reasonable solution for developing AMP.

  • Cost Effective

To get the required results from the AMP, the developers want a platform that can balance the aspects being stable on the implementation cost. So, whenever you want to create something innovative for the static content on your website, you will demand something worth. In this term, PHP helps in providing stability on the implementation cost with the same demand.

  • Easy to Learn

One of the simplest programming languages for web development! PHP syntax is based on the Pearl and C language thereby it is foremost choice for developers as they can learn and execute it easily. You also can learn PHP coding without applying much effort and you don’t need to hire PHP developer any more. That’s why it is the best programming language for developing AMP framework and no other better idea exists than implementing PHP to develop AMP.

  • Security

Security is most important features of any mobile page and there is nothing to make out the point if the security features do not exist properly. So, every mobile page must enable protection shield for reducing the unreliable things. If you are implementing the platform or programming codes that not secure, you may come to the risk that can crash your mobile pages or you may get your personal information leaked to the unreliable source.

  • Compatibility and Speed

It is imperative to make sure with the compatibility feature because there are a great number of mobile users that use different types of mobile devices, interfaces, and operating systems. When AMP is designed using PHP, it has the capability to load on different mobile devices because PHP language has the great compatibility with multiple servers and platforms and this is the excellent way to enhance the user searching.

Besides, the main motive of making AMP is reducing the loading and executing time of mobile pages. PHP is too speedy programming language which does not depend on the server’s memory but on its own and so the workload of server reduced to about minimal.

Some Others Features of PHP Suit AMP Development

  1. PHP is fully-tested languages against all the requirements.
  2. It can be utilized with all leading platforms like Window, Linux, UNIX, and others.
  3. It is also beneficial for e-commerce web development as it cut down the costs and time for mobile pages.
  4. Using PHP, the developers can customize the AMP structures whatever they want or require.
  5. It ensures that the personal information and sensitive data will remain secure without any security infringes.


As AMP is going to find its way in web development field, it could get a fistful space in IT businesses, but PHP has come a long way in web development and delivering the needed requirements in developing a highly efficient AMP framework. However, the language has made the AMP a perfect choice for various enterprises and businesses.

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