The end is close! However, the ending is already predictable. No matter how much you hate it but the things that you love the most would face an end one day. So, would PHP 5.6!

It is officially declared that PHP 5.6 will no longer be supported. In the last couple of years, the software wasn’t developed. However, some people are still using it for their work. Moreover, it is essential for a PHP developer to switch to php7 by the end of 2018 to avoid major security issue as there won’t be any release of bug fixes for the PHP 5.6 version.

Why upgrades to PHP 7.2?

php development company doesn’t make any significant upgrades over the last decade. However, PHP seven launched in December 2015. Since, it became essential for PHP developers to switch to this update, although, the process to adhere to it can be intimidating.

The process of updating to PHP 7 is roller coaster ride such as noncompatible scripts. If you are a WordPress user, PHP seven gives you many new features and functionality. Php 7 increased the speed of WordPress core, and many new themes and plugin become inadequate with an older version of PHP. There might be a danger of the security threat from hackers and malware.

“How many websites are already using PHP 7?”

More than 80% of the websites are built upon PHP.  Among all known PHP sites, only 5.2% are running on version seven. Since 2015, PHP 7 is available this means acceptance of the update is moving leisurely:

Most of the website owners are not aware of this version updates due to a general lack of knowledge about PHP.  Hosting companies thing that PHP 7 have complex codes, so they avoid dealing with it, despite the critical benefits that come with making the switch.  Giants tech enterprises such as Yoast already start developing solutions with PHP 7 and teach their users about the options, and inspire more upgrades to PHP 7.

Features of PHP7

The features of php7 are advance, robust enough for custom PHP web development. It uses the latest tools and resources to enhance your development. PHP 7 is the talk of the town in IT industries. The reason behind the success of PHP7 is that PHP6 has never reached a stable version. However, PHP community has chosen PHP5.6 to directly PHP7.

Personally, I believe recent changes of PHP versions, makes PHP as much more full-fledged language. But it is an excellent message to all PHP developers for building excellent enterprise level applications using the latest PHP version.

How we can help

Arka softwares has a team of highly knowledgeable professionals that possess excellent skillsets and PHP Application Development Company is one of it. We will help you with various things like conversion and review of your code to make your codes PHP ready.

Depending on the factor that affects the conversion of codes, we can complete the conversion ranging from a few weeks to a maximum of three weeks. Our developer’s team have the capability for any kind of web app development. So if you want to create your website and application for business purpose at a reasonable price feel free to contact us- [email protected]

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