Over the years, search engine optimization (SEO) has become a very important part of digital marketing. As the competition in the digital space has increased manifold in the recent times, the demand for high quality SEO services has shot up and almost every other firm is looking to optimize their site so that they can stay on top. However, the entry of social media has changed the dynamics a little and added a touch of social interactions to SEO. SMO or social media optimization is fast gaining importance as more and more firms are starting to use SMO techniques in order to improve upon their SEO.

What do you mean by SMO?

SMO is a series of technique used by website owners and marketing experts to drive more traffic to a website using the social media. Popular examples include Facebook pages, forums, LinkedIN company profiles, twitter accounts and blogs. All these forms of communication media allow a firm to actively engage with their potential customer and existing customers. Also, these networks allow the start-ups to create industry relations and get recommendations from some experts that actually help them boost their business.

Why is SMO needed along with SEO?

If you’re one of the budding e-commerce owners who wants to get on top, or one of the digital marketing professionals who is starting out in the market, here are some tips that entail why SEO needs SMO in today’s digital market.

  • Google validates social media: The biggest search engine, Google, has made changes to the search algorithm that it follows. According to the new changes, social links and validation play a major role in determining search rankings and if you do not have a good social media reach, your website is bound to be ranked low. Due to this, the importance of SMO has shot up and SMO services in USA have seen a steep rise as more and more SMO experts are coming out to help.
  • Social media provides backlinks: Backlinking is one of the important aspects of SEO. If you’re going to get good quality backlinks to your sites from reputed sources, your rankings will improve. By doing SMO, you can actually add up to the backlinks that you have and since Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Blogspot, all are reputed platforms; search engines will give you a better rank.
  • Social media allows you to engage: Social media allows you to engage with industry experts as well as your targeted audience. By doing so, you can improve upon your reputation and gain traffic to your website. People will start identifying your products and services and if you can actively engage them on the social media, then you can clearly convert them as your customers. Such powers make SMO very important for the current online businesses and even the real world businesses as they can surely benefit from added traffic to their site.

So, with so many benefits of using SMO techniques, you must start to think about incorporating it to your marketing strategy. Use the power of social media to drive your sales and find untapped markets and watch as your business reaches the pinnacle of success.

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