In the last couple of years, Angularjs web Development Company has shown tremendous growth. Angular is an open source network and mainly maintained by Google and the community of individual developers.  The framework is evolving and became the most popular platform. Tech companies from Microsoft to Intel and other leading companies are bringing Angular behind the firewall.

As you know, the mobile industry is the emerging industry and the Angular framework mostly used for developing cross-platform mobile applications.

Progressive Web Application

The progressive web application is the new way of standard development. They are built with modern web capability and provide the similar experience of the website and native mobile application. It works on web technology (HTML, JS & CSS). Moreover, PWA works in every browser and application but in an enhanced way.

Browser-based applications are widely held because they are built with high-performance and come up with a concept of installing across many smartphone devices with just one build up.

Progressive web application with Angular Development

The Angular latest version has been released and it is made to support the progressive web applications. It is now build up into a framework. PWA decreases the gap in web browsing, desktop application, and native mobile applications. Push notification, background synchronizing, offline support, webcam, location these all features are available in PWA.

Most of the PWB application is considered to be made up on AngularJS. Angular introduced their updates with a motive of faster, lighter and easy to use for PWA. The team has made extra efforts to make PWA user experience smooth. Along with this, there are some key features like –Material design, build optimizer, improved compiler and type, Router hooks and simple and progressive web applications.

How do I start using Angular development for PWA?

To make the PWA with AngularJs- First, we need to install CLI in the system. We install CLI for creating and developing an Angular application server. After completing the installation process, you need to create a new project by writing this following command- “ng new yourApp” This above command will give you complete project setup to run the application on local dev setup.

Web App Manifest

To make the web app manifest, you need to create the src/ folder. Then after making up the folders, submit into the roots of other folders. In your web app manifest, name- this will be attached in application icon on home page. To launch the home screen, you need to write the command- start_url. Moreover, when a user visits your web page the theme_color will decide the color. In addition to this color, the background color will be decided by background_color and decide the background color of your website.

When you finish all this, go to index.html add this into head sections.  At last to install the package, run the npm install. After completing the code of service worker and the view, you came to the hosting process write the below command to see your application into action.

firebase open hosting: site


Angular is making fast moves in a progressive web application with the help of Angular toolkit and Angular CLI.  The motive of PWA is to provide the user similar experience of the native mobile application.  There is some popular application that is using PWA like OLX, Wego, Flipboard, Telegram, Pinterest, BookMyShow, and Trivago. Angular is the most famous front-end framework among all others. Hopefully, this blog will encourage the developer to create more PWA with the help of Angular. The Software companies need to Hire AngularJS Developer so that they can make more PWA applications.

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