Real Estate market is broadly increasing in present time. Landholders are producing many directories to customize a user-friendly platform. Many techniques are available in the field that reforming the realty market and the management. As we know that the commercial market is on budding way whereas Real Estate web solutions are creating a vital role for property holders. If you are ongoing with this business, you should have a Real Estate website. It is very easy to launch and well-customized for your online property advertising and selling. Still, you are not aware of the configuration of website then we are here having a rich description for you including the key factors of Real Estate web development and costing that is below-

Select & Host a domain name

Building a Real Estate website initially needs a domain name or the URL that provides address link to visit your business profile. An online property dealer always should choose a domain name that is simple, easy to bear in mind and significance to your business. You can go the various extensions (.com, .info, .in etc) to find an appropriate one. You need a hard space to store the information, pages and content files on your website. The web hosting protocol provides you that space having periodic cost charges and making allow hosting on the web server.

Update WordPress on website

Real Estate website always needs a WordPress platform. You can prefer WordPress with many themes and plug-in services that are freely integrated with your account. It offers many low priced themes and features that are very useful to your business website. WordPress adds IDX addition, searching tools, E-mail marketing etc on your website. The platforms also more beneficial to promote your contents and blogs related to the industrial services, personal services, and others professional news.

The WordPress service costs you approx 10$, 20$, 50$ /hour and above according to the kind of use. You may invest money in WordPress for an annual term that may be more reasonable to the website.

Subscribe to property registration

This section of website development submits the factors of your land property, housing property and other additional modules on your business page. It creates the filtered options such as property types, property site place with photos, property rate and size on the website page. You can add more description of your property listing. You will need to subscribe for registration of the property manually. Initially, it may charges you approx 40$/month. Others charges may vary according to your preferences.

Website Marketing

Every website has needs of leading in the market. A Real Estate website should be leaded through the ways that it can draw the attention of customers. Website marketing always set an aim to get traffic of the audience. You can promote your website to various traffic stations that provide many services and tools. Some free and paid marketing subscriptions that a professional realty website should adapt to lead on various platforms and social media.

In the terms, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) charges you approx $500-$2000 /month. Facebook ad words cost $0.5-$2 for average PPC (Pay per Click) and  Google Ad Words average cost range is approx $2-5$ /PPC.  Email marketing campaigns also is another option to lead your website for audiences.

Website Software Coding

Software coding of any website is the pricey and time expensive process. A Real Estate website adds many things such as new sheets, articles, images, videos etc. Developing a code for your website, enable you to set a business framework with a variety of functions. For this outstanding solution, you have to pay a large amount of money. For a small Real Estate project, Real Estate web developers may charge you around $500-$1500 and if you make a decision for large website design then you will we charged $3k-$20k or above by developers.

“Prosperous features of a Real Estate Website”

  • A good Real Estate website is the platform where a customer able to find the information of the concerned property. It includes user-friendly information as price, property location, design and size of the area. Also, you can contact the dealer for more details and information. 
  • Any user can visit the website via mobile, tablet. All functionality, images, video, content etc will exhibit on mobile and it provide the services as that are accessible on PC web. 
  • To make customers easy to reach on your selling properties and other services, the website contains a navigation system. It ensures proper direction to your customer s that redirects them to the link. 
  • A user facilitates to get new notifications about new property information, availability and offers via E-mail or other messaging services.


All business websites need suitable management and modification. A Real Estate businessman should be attentive to all requirements while having a website. It should be customer approachable, proficiently functional and besides all that it must be flexible while dealing with property. Whatever needs is preferable for the business class, above all that the has changed the planning of property trading.

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