CakePHP comes with a great number of advance features over the other PHP frameworks. It is open source platform and widely popular among leading web developers. A CakePHP development company offers fast and handy code arrangement on this framework that helps in developing complex and dynamic websites. So, there is no better choice than CakePHP for developing a robust website for any kind of businesses. Few major features are given here to make good reasons you in coming close to CakePHP-

  • MVC pattern-Based Framework

MVC (Model View Controller) is the major thing in CakePHP development. It makes task easy for developers to separate the logic from presentation. It can be helpful in data handling as it makes you simple for inserting, reading and changing data from the database. Besides, MVC design helps in connecting with the development command seamlessly and avoids any wrongdoing in execution.

  • CRUD Platform

CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) is very useful for any type website development as it makes the code management smoother and visible. You can see an even single code of application programming preliminary and check or converse it under the process of CRUD.

  • ORM

Using ORM (object-relational mapping) technique on CakePHP you can translate data between incompatible type systems and object-oriented programming language so that you can define each relation between other classes.

  • Open Source

CakePHP is open source framework, which makes it economic and cost-friendly. If you want to develop qualitative web applications then CakePHP is the easiest framework at a reasonable cost.

  • Object-oriented Framework

 PHP provides developers an object-oriented environment for programming script and more resourceful aspects as well the CakePHP has all in-built resource and components compared to other core frameworks.

  • Code Testing

On CakePHP, you get an easy testing method. A number of errors occur while creating a huge web application; so working on this platform you are facilitated to identify or analyze small/big errors and fix them immediately. Going through this you could simplify and create a much smoother manufacturing process.

  • Zero Pre-Installation

Fortunately, this framework doesn’t need to be  pre-installed so it allows developers to use it without  pre-configuration process. You would find most of the settings auto installed so you have to configure only database settings and the rest get installed automatically.

  • Standardized Security

One of the important advantages is security and session handling. While working on this platform you would enable for data validation throughout the application so that you could work cohesively using fast and flexible security facilities.


A modern CakePHP framework is providing many dominant and influential tools for web development; it is making both small and big web manufacturing simpler and faster. So, it can be utilized with higher potential to perceive a flexible CakePHP website development significantly.

As we discussed above few important features of CakePHP; there several other features are available to appreciate.  at ARKA, you can  leverage the benefits of consulting CakePHP development work and gain extensive information about it. moreover, you can come to us to get a good standard of web development. To know more about our web services, please mail at –

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