Nowadays we use different type of the operating systems which are running our mobile devices; simultaneously a mobile app development company always has a preference for the platform that offers more resources, easy compatibility, and great career possibilities. So, in that case, the mobile companies are favoring mostly Android rather than iOS development. But not only career possibilities are to blamed about the preference given to android, considering the following points-

· Android Studio vs. iOS Tools

If you are planning to develop a mobile app then what operating system you will prefer? Give it a thought for a sec; obviously, you would like to go with the platform which provides mature and easy to employ development tools. Without a doubt, Android Studio has become a synonym for it lately. You can bear in mind the given objects of both frameworks to know how Android Studio is better than iOS-

Android Studio is an official IDE that supplies faster and more efficient tools for Android development services. A developer can easily set up a new project for different types of applications. Some important features of Android Studio are-

  • Live layout editor with immediate layout rendering
  • Gradle-based build system
  • Supports app development for other devices like wearable device, TV and the rest.
  • A layout preview on multiple display configuration

iOS provides the Xcode IDE for app development. It is an amazing platform for many specific tools and attributes. Features of iOS are-

  • iPhone, Mac OSX, iWatch apps can be manufactured only on the Xcode.
  • It has a newer swift programming language that makes the training process easy.
  • It provides personal managing directories’ hierarchy to the developers.


· Hardware Compatibility

Android Studio is also friendly with many other operating systems like Window, Linux, and Mac book; likewise, an Android developer is always flexible while using Android Studio on window OS X, Linux or Mac book.

If we consider iOS then the Xcode operating system is flexible only with Mac system/machines. You need to arrange Mac computer or device to develop iOS apps because you cannot manufacture iOS apps on others operating system.

· Code Understanding

Android Studio gives more freedom to developers so they can find various different solutions for custom or native coding. Many other things like Intents, broadcast receiver and back service etc helps Android experts to recognize the deep coding of development.

iOS provides off limited flexibility; so for the iOS developers, they have to follow the standard rules such as specific short key execution, drag and drop screen interface and so on.

· Membership Subscription

Android system charges an affordable cost to subscribe for membership. It will charge you approx $25 to publish an Android application.

In another side, iOS will charge you more dollars to subscribe Apple’s membership. You may have to pay around $100 a year that could be expensive for freelancer or startups.


In a nutshell, Android system has an upper hand over iOS because of much provided handiness to mobile app developers. Android system might take more time to master in developing but the intricacy helps you to be perfect and confident in coding. As a result of this, you should choose the well-approached framework that easily fits  your preference.

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