As smartphone usage grows tremendously businesses are thinking about iPhone app development services as their top priority. Currently, we have seen that the mobile app is going through a transformation and people look at them as beyond entertainment. Besides, Apple is one of those top notch technology company.

This year July 10, 2008, App Store completed ten years. In the span of ten years, the tech giant leads it in an astonishing way especially when we talk about the term security & quality. On the innovatory note that Apple has introduced the world with, let us now have a look at how far App Store has revolutionized the mobile app development.

 1) App Store Opened for Users and Developers

Just a day before the launch of I phone 3G, Apple launches an app store with over 300 apps to download, creating a new business for developers.  Within three days, the number of iOS application has increased to 800 and the conversion rate of downloading increased to 10 million.

2) In-App Purchases Came into Existence

When Apple launches his iPhone 3S in 2009, along with that, Apple introduced the new features in App stores. The new features ensure the developer to customize their development methods.

Earlier, App store was restricted to only paid games & applications at first.  But now the policy has evolved, Apple allows purchases to play the game without any cost & Introduced the era of ‘Freemium Apps’. Few of the famous games and social media application are available free of cost.

3) IPad makes an appearance

April 2010, Apple launches their new product-iPad. As the iPad is of the big screen, the company needs to make applications that are a tablet-centric application. Along with that, the universal applications are designed for both iPad & iPhone.  It means that iOS development application going flow is at its peaks. There was more then 3000+ iOS application for both iPhone and iPad.                                                                                         

4) Apple store now expand to TVs and Watches

In October 2015, after making changes in the app outlook of the tablet, the brand expands their categories from a tablet, smartphones to its services to Apple TV and Apple Watch. Also, it brings the iOS development on the world’s wrist, again spreading the iPhone application development world further.

5) App Store Gets a Redesign

In the last year September month, Apple redesigned the app store and make separate applications and games column. The modification comes up with iOS twelve feature list.  The company especially update modify the design and to provide better UX & UI for the users to get exactly what they are actually looking for or to be inspired for trying something new.

The current scenario of an Apple store is that 500 million visitor visit store on weekly basis. Moreover, the hundreds of stories on the ‘Today’ tab have also been read by over 1 million people.

6) App Store Reaches a Million Hearts

Apple has the highest market value company right now. From this, you can understand that there are millions of Apple users in the world.  The number of applications that once started with 500 apps for iOS but now at the time of 2018 it has reached the count of 2.2 million. Now companies are specially hire ios developer for apple store development.

The efforts of developer & designer in iOS development have earned more than 100$ billion by selling their product on the apple store.


Most of the development company develop an application in both of the operating system – Android & iOS. Apple gives equal & tough competition to the Android development companies. However, the apple store is always a premium standard for the developer and the development industry. Besides, the app store has come far in term of experience and offers a great feature to users and developer that are associated with the platform.

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