While there are a great number of excellent software available in IT industry for developing a web application, Ruby on Rails has come as the popular one that becoming the to-go-to technology for website development framework for different businesses regardless of the size. The Ruby on Rails Development companies is offering many advanced services with exclusive features so they can be utilized for any type of business or startups. This is a big reason so it called startup-friendly framework. We are opening up the ROR features that are beneficial for new businesses-

1. Cost-Efficient

ROR is the MIT – licensed therefore available as an open-source framework in the market. It means you don’t need to spend money on buying this. For new businesses, it is most open-source and sophisticated server-side web development framework. Furthermore, it comes with GitHub (software development platform) using that developers can save their valuable time and money. Hence, ROR is such a good approach for new investors.

2. Speed and Quality

ROR framework has a good principle of speed and simplicity. It comes with an abundantly vast array of tools and pre-installed modules and plugins that help in cut down the effort for writing codes to save your time. Besides, ROR provides high-quality and bug-free web development and arrange a test with a behavior-driven approach, following that web developers can develop good quality of web architecture with 100% code coverage. In this term, developers will be able to find bugs easily. These features work taking together large and small web manufacturing without spending more time.

3. Security

ROR is open-source framework but still, there is no match for this framework. In spite of it is free but it comprises high standard features in terms of security. The ROR community helps for keeping the software up-to-date and protects the application and modules. Some inbuilt security features are available IN ROR that can be enabled by default.

4. User-Friendly

The framework can be utilized easily by new businesses as they will be able to code the software without any effort. Startups can learn the code easily. There is no need to rely on others to do same and you can save lots of time and money. ROR experts generally use the English language so the new investors can understand easily and grasp the code. Moreover, ROR comes with various integrated libraries; using these libraries the web experts can advance their knowledge and proficiency.

5. ROR Community

ROR has a community of experts and experienced developers for providing help to its collaborators in any case of complexity. The community members suggest an appropriate solution for any query any time. This can save your money, time, and effort getting the suitable answer for the problem. The outputs come in code that can be implemented easily. If one has the query in another language the developer needs to pay for getting solution instantly.

                     “Other Specific Benefits for Startups”

  1. ROR is a consistent framework that saves a lot of time of developers as if they follow the standardized file space and code conventions that make the project readable.
  2. It has brilliant scalability so that the web app owner can draw more visitors on the application.
  3. ROR is the bulk of blogs, newsletters and, books on the Rails platform.
  4. It is an MVC-based framework.
  5. It comes with TDD (test driven development) that helps in automated testing before the coding.


Points mentioned in above discussions are some of the major reasons why Startups around the world are looking forward to the Ruby on Rails Technology. ROR is one of those technologies that can turn your superior ideas into good results. Whether you are already influenced by it, still you should go to find out the reasons why it is one of the most beautiful choices among web developers. 

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