Setting up an e-commerce store is a very easy process but in order to craft an attractive and user-friendly online store, you have to understand the development steps that take place to produce a striking e-commerce site. According to a statistics of ecommerce website development USA, there is more than 70% abandonment because of poor website customization. So, in order to create a responsive and user-friendly site, you need to follow the given steps, these steps definitely will help you in manufacturing a complete online store-

1. Share Your Business Plan

When you make a plan for your ecommerce business, it can be beneficial to share your business ideas and plan with others. This process will provide you more information and knowledge from your trusted persons and you can make a plan accordingly. Planning your online business in the right way can attract customers and revenue to your store.

2. Working Strategy


Research on your target audience and make a discussion about the potential keywords that the audience would use to search your products and services in the market.


It is essential to understand the requirements of your ecommerce development. Make a better plan to increase products and services contents, landing page, search results, and user-experience etc.


A good-looking and professionally designed online store can attract millions of customers to your online shop and also increase creditability. 

Migration and Launch

This step involves the migration and launching of the e-commerce site. So, you should revisit all areas of the website for a final test and make sure every part is working properly and the navigation is seamless.

3. Designing

Generally, an e-commerce website development comes with three processes and these processes cover complete design, functionality, and usability-


 A wireframe is known as the visual representation of website UI. This process is completed by UX designers to describe the hierarchy of elements on the display and communicate what the services on the page must be based on customer requirements.

 Live Designing

This is an implementation process of ideas that are defined in Wireframing process. In this step, the website is customized to make it live. Various features and modules are removed and integrated to produce a perfect online store.


Usability mostly works on the user experience. Creating a good design is more important than creating a product usable. 

4. Integration of Design

This process is also known as design customization. In this process, the business site is crafted in a set of themes and then the customer will be able to choose their preferred themes to customize the e-commerce store. Here, some important steps are given that pay a significant role in design integration-

  • Making the working environment
  • Create category landing pages
  • Create product landing pages
  • Create checkout pages
  • Create my account pages
  • Create order history pages
  • Create entire site frontend pages
5. Shipping

Adding a shipping system can make your work easy and flexible. Every customer looks for this service so the e-commerce shipping integration should be a prime aspect of the website. It includes options as prices, discount, and taxes that all customers want on your e-commerce site.

6. Payment Gateway

Integrating different payment gateways simplifies the transaction process by giving complete information between the portal and the front end service provider. It will make sure that the money is accessible for payment to the store.

7. Hosting

This is the most important stage for e-commerce website development so the things are given here that must be considered while getting a web hosting-

  • Websites that you want to host on the server
  • Know the amount of bandwidth and space the server will provide
  • SQL database number
  • Number of email account that can be integrated


The above-mentioned steps are very basic and most important to develop an e-commerce site and now you can get a clear idea of the various stages that take place in designing an online store. These all phases are necessary to implement and should be considered by any e-commerce expert.

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