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Some probable details on the iPhone 7 Rumors
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The much awaited iPhone 6 and 6 Plus was launched earlier in the year by Apple. The phone was received well by the people and posed a dramatic design change from their iPhone 5 models. Other than that, there were internal changes in the device which made it all the more desirable for the consumers. With the launch of iPhone 6, rumors started surfacing about the probable launch of iPhone 7, the next gen device by Apple. There have been several rumors suggesting that the device might be launched this year itself. However, other sources claim that the iPhone 7 will be launched by the fall of next year and the devices which are expected to hit the market in the second half of 2015 are going to be named iPhone 6S, a popular naming strategy used by Apple since the launch of their iPhone 3GS. The ‘S’ naming strategy is used by Apple to denote the devices which receive minor updates like an upgraded camera or maybe a better processor. The device model number is only changed when Apple introduces drastic design, feature and OS changes to the device. The model number reviews were gathered by an App Design Company in Australia, which claims to have connections with the Asian Mobile Manufacturing community. What all can be expected from iPhone 7? As per the reports from various analysts and other marketing firms, 2015 is not likely to see the launch of iPhone 7. The new devices which are going to be launched this year do not have significant changes and thus, will have S naming used. The iPhone 7 is likely to hit the market in the Fall of 2016, i.e. September 2016. Some major design changes are expected in the next gen iPhone, some of which are listed below: By using in-cell panel technology that it uses today, Apple has the opportunity to reliably reduce the thickness of the device. According to reports from an iPhone App Development Company in USA, the new device is expected to be as thin as the iPod. This report is also verified by a prominent iPhone App Development Company in Australia, which further adds that the device will have better OS features and the guidelines for app designing for Apple might undergo some changes. The screen size used by Apple might also see a change. The standard 4.7 and 5.5 inches screen sizes used by Apple are expected to undergo modifications, with Apple launching the new phones with 5 and 5.7 inches screens. This report was heard by a prominent Mobile App Development Company in USA, but the authenticity of the report is not clear. Other than the design changes, reports from a major App Development Company in UK states that Apple is going to stick with the Intel LTE chipsets for their iPhone. This is the usual trend and we can expect to see the latest version of Intel Chipsets inside the new iPhone 7 when it is launched. Some other likely features to be introduced in the iPhone 7 are: IPhone Force touch technology, which will track the area of contact and not the pressure. Thickness reduced to 6 mm range (just like iPod Touch). A more vivid screen resolution. Better hardware and more computing capabilities. All these features will make iPhone 7, one of the most awaited models in the next year, claims an App Development Company in Australia. It will be interesting to see what all rumors turn out to be true about the actual launch of iPhone 7, as the digital world is buzzing with information about the next flagship by the electronics giant Apple. So, keep your fingers crossed and keep yourself updated with the latest news as we edge towards the launch of iPhone 7. In the meanwhile, check out the various expected features of iPhone 6S, which is expected to be launched sometime soon.

How can iPhone and android apps affect your business?

Smartphones are considered one of the most revolutionary gadgets in the last few centuries. The experts at our website designing company in Dubai believe that with time, the mobile application market is heading towards a popularity explosion. Our simple mobile handsets have transitioned from having certain basic features like making and receiving calls and SMSs into a hyper-productive business tool. You can track your time, share your work docs and even manage your projects through iPhone and Android apps. Business owners can make a good chunk of their living by developing apps for iPhone and Android devices. There are several other ways by which mobile applications can boost your business prospects. Let’s have a look at them. Create a virtual office Whether you are at a local coffee shop or at the far end of the world, you can be sure that your work will be done if you have your mobile device! The expert and prompt professionals at our website designing company in UK are often asked for document feedback while they are away and they have been able to offer a quick response by having a computer around them through their iPhone or Android device. Mobile apps allow you to work more productively and help you to interact with your clients and customers like never before! Facilitate Customer Relationships iPhone and Android apps provide a great way for any business to communicate with their clients directly, while adding incremental value at every step. The apps offer limitless potential for on-the-fly project management by letting you to track the to-do’s, facilitate employee communications and set project milestones regardless of where you are. You can also manage sales catalogues for product viewing and ordering through these apps for a more interactive customer experience. Cost-Effective Marketing Mobile apps offer the most efficient way to getting the word out about your new products and services. And this facility comes at an unbelievably low cost! Our website development company in India has provided assistance to several companies for the promotion of their products by designing and developing such apps. These promotions are geared for the targeted audience so as to reinforce your brand and gain product exposure to the most relevant user group. And as we all know, you have to be “known” to crack a sale! New Platforms for Software Our website development company in South Africa has noticed a great expansion in the boundaries for smartphones and tablets. All major and minor industries have sector specific software that caters to their respective market. But, for the longest time, the software companies were limited to building for Mac or PC. But with the mobile apps, we have entered an era that is capable of developing an application for all mobile devices. Today, most device-specific apps no longer need to be tied to any expensive hardware. So, rather than purchasing the barcode scanners for tracking inventory, you can build an app that can simply scan the inventory by utilizing mobile cameras. Quite a cost effective solution, isn’t it? These are the handful of ways by which the iPhone and Android applications can help you solve your business problems by creating a virtual office, facilitating customer relationships, re-creating software for new platforms and by providing a cost-effective marketing option. In short, these apps can give an upward push to your sale and ensure better visibility among prospective clients.

5 Smart ways to save Mobile Data in Your Smartphone
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Mobile data doesn’t come cheap. Especially when you have so many things to do with your android device, saving every last kilobyte of your mobile data is recommended. But, there are many apps that leech out the data from your mobile with their background processing and constant updating. Under such conditions, it becomes quite difficult to save your mobile data and you might end up paying extra money for using the internet. But not to worry, we at Arka have chalked out the various reasons that cause data loss and are presenting you with 5 smart ways to save data in your android device. Also, if you’re a business owner and want to get your app made by an App Development Company, keep these tips in handy and make sure you ask your app designer to create apps that are lighter for your customers to carry and use and hire application developer only after you’ve considered all these things. Restrict Background Data: Your android device has an option of disabling background data usage. By checking this option, all your apps will stop working in the background and in order to get the latest updates while to open them. However, it is a great way to reduce your data usage as background usage tends to be very high for some apps. If you’re a business owner, make sure that the app design company that designs your app ensures that the background data usage of your app is limited. Turn off Auto Update: Google Play Store is set to automatically download the updates to the apps you have on your device. A great way to save your data is to disable auto update on mobile data and set it to auto update over Wi-Fi only. Turn off App Sync: Apps like Gmail, Google+, etc., automatically sync your device with the mailbox or with your timeline. If you turn off sync, then these apps will stop gathering data on their own and will fetch the updated results only when you operate the apps. Disable Unwanted Apps: There are many apps that you don’t want to use and also cannot be uninstalled from your device as they are system apps. The best way to make sure that they don’t eat the phone memory and phone data is by disabling them. Once you disable the app, it does not function until and unless you re-enable it at a future point of time. Limit Data Usage: You can limit the data usage of your device and once you reach the limit, your phone will automatically close the data connection. This can be used a precautionary measure for keeping your data use in check and can also be used to monitor your daily usage so that your data works for the maximum days possible. Keep these 5 smart tips in your mind and make sure that you use your data in the most judicious way. For all those people who are looking to get their app created for going online, make sure you select the best Offshore App Development Company for your needs and the creative team is capable enough to keep your app light for your users. If you want more details regarding mobile app development, you can get in touch with us and give us a chance to show you the true picture of mobile app development. We are one of the most prominent Android App Development Company in India at this moment and have worked with many overseas clients ranging from USA, UK, and UAE to South Africa and Australia. So, if you’re on the lookout for an iPhone App Development Company or any other app development company, then do get in touch with us and tell us what you need.

How mobile technology is changing the future of e-commerce industry?

 Mobile technology has brought about a huge change in the landscape of the e-commerce industry. Mobile phones are being used to conduct most of the business and people are rapidly migrating from desktops to mobiles.The advent of mobile websites, responsive web pages, smartphone apps, mobile cash wallets, etc., have made it easier for the consumers to buy stuff and the e-commerce firms are capitalizing on these technologies to reap profits. Mobile technology has steadily built on the advancements in this field and with more power to the consumers, mobiles are helping them in exploring areas which were previously thought of as impossible. Moreover, the advent of mobile has led to the growth of many mobile based businesses, which have fared well in the past few years and have turned out to be some of the biggest companies in the world right now. Features offered by Mobile technology: Since smartphones have become an integral part of the human life, developers and e-commerce firms have worked hard to bring the following features to the consumers: E-commerce mobile apps developed by Mobile App Development Company in USA,  UAE, India, Australia and other important digital markets across the globe. These apps allow consumers to shop for their favorite products using their mobile phones.   Mobile wallets developed by a few firms who provide financial services to the people. These apps allow people to make secure payments and avail huge discounts and cashbacks.   The freedom to shop on the go and get access to a plethora of products anytime, anywhere.   Mobile technology allows for targeted marketing as analytical studies allow e-commerce firms to track the behavior of the mobile app user and construct specialized offers for them in order to drive conversion rates. All these features have made it easier for the people to engage in online shopping using their phones and also helped the e-commerce firms to target their customers in a more defined and polished manner in order to increase the rate of their conversions. Mobile Apps: Changing the future of e-commerce Perhaps the biggest game changer for the e-commerce is mobile apps. With app development services in USA, USA and other parts of Europe becoming common, most of the firms dealing with e-commerce and migrating to apps as they feel that apps give them more leverage on their customers. But how exactly are mobile apps changing the future of e-commerce, let us see: Mobile apps have a higher reach and allow the e-commerce firms to target their customers’ day in and day out. According to the reports by a Hybrid App Development Company in USA, e-commerce conversion rates are higher with native apps that send notifications to the users about all of their offers and discounts, thereby targeting their users in a more efficient way and increasing their sales. Mobile apps have simplified the shopping process and made it possible to shop on the go. With more exposure towards online shops, people are more likely to buy stuff from the e-commerce firms. When asked from an app designing company in USA, reports reveal that e-commerce firm owners are preferring apps over mobile sites as it gives them the chance to modify to their heart’s content and add something of extra value to their users which ultimately helps in improving their sales. The addition of mobile wallets as a payment process has also helped in simplifying the payment process. According to an Android App Development Company in USA, People prefer a smooth shopping experience and in lieu of mobiles, the process becomes much simpler and people are more likely to shop online. Thus, the introduction of advanced mobile technology is aiding the growth of e-commerce apps. With more and more research being done in this field, it is likely that the business will see definitive growth in the next five years or so. However, the competition in the field is quite high and one must come up with new and innovative ideas in order to enter the market and grab a fair share of the digital market for themselves.

Why Mobile Apps are pivotal to any business’s growth these days?

Ever since the dawn of the digital era, the way business is done has changed quite a bit. With websites and e-commerce platforms taking over the real world business, firm owners are desperate to reach out to their customers on their laptops and desktops and sell their products and services. With the introduction of Smartphones, the world just got even smarter. The dawn of Android spiced things up evens more and suddenly, mobile apps became the hottest way to digitally market your products and sell them to your clients and customers from all around the globe. But, why have these apps become so powerful? Why do they hold a key position in defining the growth of a business? Let us find out: Mobile Apps have a wider reach: Ask any Mobile App Design Company or App Development Company as to how apps help a business, and their first reply would be – more reach. Mobiles are always in the pockets of your targeted consumers. If they’re using your apps, you can send them notifications about the sale you’re going to have or the items that they might have left in their shopping bag. Thus, mobile apps provide you with a much larger reach. Mobile Apps provide analytics: The data from the user who runs your app is pivotal to study the behavior of the consumer. Using this data, you can send tailor made offers for the customer and drive your sales. Even though this feature is available with websites too, but ask any iPhone app development company and they’ll say that the mobile analytics say much more about the consumer than the usual analytics. Mobile Apps are convenient to use: Since we are getting used to luxury, using the laptop to find something online seems like a lot of work. We all want to just lay on our beds while browsing through a catalog of electronics or fashion accessories and a mobile app helps you do that. Thus, businesses who use their mobile apps tend to reach more people and are equipped to target better sales in the long run. How to get an impressive app made? If you’re a small business owner and need your own app, you can hire app developer from the internet very easily. However, make sure you choose a good service provider so that the app turns out just the way you want it to be. We at Arka Softwares and Outsourcing which is an Offshore App Development Company are determined to provide only the best solutions to our clients. Having served over 300 clients from India, Australia, UAE, USA, UK and South Africa, we are rapidly becoming one of the best IT Solutions provider in the global scenario. Our team of Android and iOS developers have the necessary skills to develop the best apps for the platforms, so if you have any queries then you can get in touch with our experts and we will give the best and the most economical solution to your problem.