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    Mistakes you should avoid while writing CSS for WordPress Theme
    Common CSS Mistakes for WordPress Themes

    WordPress Themes rule the internet. Almost one third of the websites are developed using WordPress templates and in order to survive in the competitive digital world, one has to learn the tricks of WordPress. However, working around WordPress is not a simple task and one has to toil hard in order to become an expert. So, for helping those who are trying to get things right, we have compiled a list of the common mistakes made by developers while creating CSS for WordPress themes and how they can avoid these errors.Common CSS Mistakes for WordPress Themes:Prior to creating this list, we took suggestions from a well-known Website Development Company and also from a WordPress Development Company .Their inputs helped us refine the results and present to you only the top 5 mistakes that are commonly made by the developers.Adding extra codes: The most common mistake made by developers is the addition of repetitive or redundant codes in their CSS. This mistake leads to slower loading and makes the theme look quite messy. One needs to understand that there are better and concise ways to do things in WordPress and the developers must seek veteran help while doing their initial projects in order to avoid these mistakes. Syntax Errors in CSS: Despite being well versed with CSS<, there are times when developers forget to imply the basic rules pertaining to CSS and due to this, there is a huge effect in the final outcome. These issues are largely due to carelessness and to avoid such issues, a developer can use CSS validators for finding out the errors. Selecting Wrong Template: Since there are files with common names like comments.php and comments-popup.php, one needs to be quite careful. Many a times, a developer selects the incorrect template and makes changes in that template. Such actions do more harm than good and can even mess up the entire theme. Always keep a backup file of every file that you are editing in order to make sure that if you go wrong, you can restore your work just as fast, says a prominent developer from a Website Designing Company . Placing files in the Wrong Place: This mistake is generally made by the newbies. All codes and files are placed in specific locations and you must adhere to these rules in order to develop a theme. For instance, the HTML codes are placed in the index.php files and all the PHP files are stored in the themes folder. Also, CSS files are always located inside the style.css file which is found in the theme folder. So, go through a proper module in order to understand the basics so that you do not make these mistakes. Multiple Choices for the Developers: Since there are a lot of choices available to the developers, they tend to mix up things. The most common blunder is to assign multiple references to a single selector file. In such cases, there is data processing conflict as all selectors start loading at once and cause issues. So, keep an eye while you’re using selectors and make sure that you take help from a veteran in your first project so that you can continue to work properly in future.So, avoid these 5 common mistakes made in WordPress by the developers and ensure proper WordPress theme development for your website.

    PHP 5.4.45 Released: What’s in store for the developers??
    PHP 5.4

    PHP is one of the most widely used server side scripting technique by the web developers. According to a Website Development Company in USA, PHP is used in as much as 30% of the total websites that are on the web and most of the servers also use PHP for their working.The history of PHP:Initially developed as web development platform, PHP has grown as a general purpose language for programming purposes. The project was started by Mr. Rasmus Lerdoff, who came up with the first version of the platform in 1995. Ever since, the community involved with the development of PHP has grown and the platform is now being maintained by the PHP Group.The historical development of PHP went through a lot of phases in order to make it what it is today. People from all over the globe have connected themselves with the PHP group in order to give their contribution to the development and upkeep of the platform and its availability for free.The current version of PHP in the market is 5.6.13. The version was launched in September 2015 and brings many new features to the world of PHP development. However, according to a PHP Development Company in USA, the most widely used version of PHP till today is version 5.4. This version of the platform was introduced a few years ago and due to the internet boom, most of the sites made during that time were based on that version of PHP.So, the version in spotlight of our current topic is the release of 5.4.45, which is primarily a security based update to the current 5.4 platform. In the official notification released by PHP, the latest patch is meant to add the security features and it might be the last version launched in the 5.4 family as they are urging the developer to use the next gen versions and asking them to upgrade their current setups to the new versions of PHP.Additions made by the launch of PHP Version 5.4.45The latest launch in the 5.4 line of PHP has seen quite a few changes, especially when it comes to the security features. Some prominent additions brought into light by a firm providing Web Development Services in UAE are:Fixed a security bug with #70350 that allowed for directory traversal using ZipArchive. XSLT bug NULL Pointer Dereference was fixed. In SPL, bug #70365 and #70366 were fixed which were causing vulnerability in serial code archive. SOAP bug #70388 was fixed that dealt with Function call confusion issues. Core bugs #70172 and #70219 were fixed that dealt with the stability of the platform. Other than these, there were changes in the EXIF, Hash and PCRE sections of the PHP program.These security issues were thoroughly addressed and a notification was released on the official website that urged all the website developers and designers to incorporate the latest 5.4.45 version to their sites in order to make them safer. Also, the notification further stated that the release might be the last one for 5.4 line of PHP and the developers were asked to try and upgrade to the newer stable versions of PHP which are far better and have much more features than 5.4.With so many uses of PHP, the Web Development Companies are positive about the continued usage of PHP. Other platforms do not offer as much flexibility and ease of access as PHP and it will be interesting to see how the new version allows the developers to make the web apps and websites more secure for their users. Also, the performance of the current version will also tell whether there is a need for another security patch version for the 5.4 lineage of PHP.So, keep yourself updated with the latest happenings in the world of PHP and understand the intricacies under which the platform works.