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50 Ways to make your website more awesome
Web Development Company in USA

Websites have become such an important of today's fast paced world. Almost everyone has a website nowadays and therefore the competition to get your website noticed is harder than ever. Hard, yes, but not so hard that you cannot achieve it says a Website Development Company in USA. All you need are a few tips and tricks to make your website awesome and make people sit up and notice it. As per the suggestions of providers of software development services in USA  here are a few tips to make your website more awesome. Ways to make your website more awesome: Create a professional logo of your website. It will add credibility and make it all the more noticeable and prominent. Do not use too many colours. Use a light background, lighter colour and a few colours that blend properly without grabbing all the attention for themselves. Pick up a premium font for your website. Do not experiment with fonts too much. Use a header and a paragraph font and a special font to pop certain things. Keep the body of the font at a minimum of 16px. Anything smaller than that will be too strenuous to read. For the mobile sets, the font should be 12px at the least. Use the rule of the third. That is draw three horizontal and vertical lines and align the important points or segments where the lines intersect. Do not clutter your website. Give it space to breathe and use white spaces judicially. Maintain a balance and do not let it tip to one side or another. The call to action button should be big and bold. You won't want your user fumbling. Lighten the links and other active states. Change the colour of the link once the user has visited it. Be consistent, both with your styling and the fonts that you use. Stress on the importance of micro-interactions button. Do not use a welcome gate, instead, direct your user directly to the home page and maintain their attention. Use headings and subheadings so that the user knows what to read or miss or look for without going through each line. Check your website time and again for broken links and fix them as and when necessary. Make sure that your website is mobile friendly and works perfectly on cellular devices. Add title tags to the images you add to your website. Do away with inline styles from your HTML. They will make your website look sloppy and cluttered. Choose Sass variable over CSS ones. They are easier to use and you can easily change the font style or colour through it. Develop a tool that will lend a unique feature to your website, maintain your own custom plugin. Make sure that your website is compatible on all browsers. The copyright footer should be up to date and display the current year. Pick one phrase or keyword per page and work on it, optimize it. Make sure that the title is keywords rick and is not too long. Register your domain in advance to get preference in the search results. Add Google Webmaster Tools to your website to stay updated with how Google indexes your website and what to do about it. Interlink your content. Make your home page a place from where almost all the pages can be visited with the fewest clicks possible. To help google rank your website better, add structured data, as and where required. Make sure your page is not too slow. Make use of Google's PageSpeed Insights to make your website fast and sleek. If the different pages of your website weigh more than 2Mb then they might be too heavy and you should tone them down. Upload high resolution and quality images. Page redirects should be avoided at all costs. Set expiry dates for pages and links that are not updated often. Dedicate a server to your website alone. Or use one a premium server. Design illustrations or graphics, keeping your website in mind. Customize the error 404 page to let the user know when a page link has expired and to direct hem to the home page. Make the about you section interesting. It represents you and your website and should be up to the mark with good writing and interesting graphics. Give your contact info to build trust and compatibility with the user. Have live chat window to interact with your customers. Give your users the option to register their email address. Have a confirmation page that should direct the users to confirm their email and subscribe to your website. The confirmation page should be idly followed by a thank you page. Use social media to your advantage to make your page more appealing. Whatever your do, keep your website simple. A person who is new to your webpage should be able to understand its purpose within the first few seconds of landing on it. Have a help section to help the uses understand your website better. Use lightboxes to give out extra information. Have a section where viewers can leave their comments or feedback. Do not make your website too fancy. That includes no usage of feathery fancy fonts either. The number of various links and destinations that each page provides should be limited. Set up snippets to make sure the best face of your website is revealed when people share its links on different social media sites. Keep the links to social media sites in the background, or put them at the footer.

How to protect your website from being hacked
ARKA Softwares

Hacking is a common process done each and every day. Hacking is not only done to steal private data, it is also done to access a web server for spam emails and even for setting up a temporary server for illegal type of files. Therefore, one must remain very cautious with their sites and use some anti-hacking measures in order to keep their site safe. Stay safe from hacking attempts, follow these steps: Hacking attempts are made almost every day so every site owner needs to be on their hands and toes in order to avert the danger and save their site. In this piece of editorial, we shall look at some important ways that can be used to successfully shield your site from hacking attacks. Up-to-date software: All CMS, Server operating system and other software being run on the server need to be kept updated in order to avert danger. So, you must make sure that routine updates are done for the same.   XSS: This is used when some hacker tries to run a scripting code in your web form. As per the instructions by a prominent Website Development Company, the best way is to strip out or encode all HTML while creating forms to avoid this issue.   Vague error messages: While displaying any error messages, keep them vague. For instance, say incorrect username or password so that the attacker does not know if one of the fields were correct. Such a message will keep things difficult for attackers.   SQL Injection: Using transact SQL leaves your web forms or URL parameter vulnerable to access using rogue codes. However, if you use parameterized queries, you can avoid the issue and keep your site safe.   Strong Passwords: Yes, we all know passwords must be strong. But, if you are to believe the various providers of Web Development Services most of the people use basic passwords for their admin area and leave themselves vulnerable to penetration.   Form Validation: Validation needs to be done both on the browser and as well as on the server side. Browsers can only catch simple issues and failures, while server side validation makes your site more robust and less likely to be bypassed by malicious coding.   Prevent Uploads: Uploads are a great way to breach your security. However, if you use proper access codes, you can keep a check on what access is given to which type of file and prevernt execution of malicious codes.   SSL: SSL protocols are used by site owners for protecting their website. This provides a security certificate to your site while you’re transferring sensitive info from your site to the server or the database that you have. This is also used in payment gateways in order to secure the financial information of the users.   Web Security Tools: There are quite a few web security tools available on the digital world. You just need to find the ones that suit your purpose and use them to keep your site safe. These tools along with the other steps mentioned above will keep you safe from most of the attacks online. So, use these tools and also consult some good Development Services in USA and elsewhere in order to get detailed reports on how to save your website from hackers.

Stress Management tips for the Talented Developers
stress management
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Stress is common in today’s world. All professionals, be it Government Officials, MNC Professionals, engineers, doctors, etc. suffer from stress issues as the jobs are getting more and more demanding with each passing day and people are suffering from lifestyle issues as well as health issues which adds up to their stress. Stress and Web Development: Just like in any other profession, there is a lot of stress in the profession of web development and app development too. People who are talented coders spend a lot of their time in front of the computers, trying to fix bugs, create new things and come up with app and website ideas that would shock the world. However, all this toiling takes a toll on their health and it is said that most of the coders suffer from eye problems, have migraine and headache issues and also suffer from depression and loneliness. The reason is the fact that developers often sit alone and keep doing their work and have a very limited social life. Due to this, their life feels lonely and they sometimes end up getting depressed. These facts were presented by a prominent provider of Web Development Services in UK when they surveyed their own firm to find a reason for the drop in their productivity. Furthermore, the stress from failing to run a successful code or launching a good app is another factor that adds to their woes. Lastly, the growing competition in the sector has increased the amount of stress felt by the developers and now it is high time that developers take some stress management tips, said the report of a well-established Website Development Company in USA. Stress Management for the Developers: Even though stress management exercise depends on the person and the way different things affect him, but here are a few simple stress management tips for the app and web developers that will help them work well: Take frequent breaks: Coding requires a lot of concentration and sitting in front of the computer for long hours. Such exercise can increase physical and mental stress and thus, one should take breaks every once in an hour in order to just loosen their mind and get back to work with a new energy. Walk around your cabin, grab a cup of coffee or just close your eyes and relax for about 5 mins after every hour of rigorous work and you will feel a lot less tired than you usually are. Make workplans and stick to them: Making work plans is not an issue, sticking with it is. Most of us just create a plan of action when going into a new project and mostly we fail to keep up with the plan and in the end, we stress out ourselves trying to complete it at the last minute. It is very important to avoid such behavior if you want to stay healthy and stress free and now that you know the importance of work plan, it is highly recommended that you stick to it. Yoga and Meditation: Since the competition in the field is very high, not getting stressed out is nearly impossible. However, if you use yoga and meditation, then you can easily fight the stress and keep your mind calm and cool. Meditation allows you to channelize your positive energy and yoga keeps your body as well as your mind fit. So, indulge in these activities and keep yourself fresh and healthy.

PHP 5.4.45 Released: What’s in store for the developers??
PHP 5.4
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PHP is one of the most widely used server side scripting technique by the web developers. According to a Website Development Company in USA, PHP is used in as much as 30% of the total websites that are on the web and most of the servers also use PHP for their working. The history of PHP: Initially developed as web development platform, PHP has grown as a general purpose language for programming purposes. The project was started by Mr. Rasmus Lerdoff, who came up with the first version of the platform in 1995. Ever since, the community involved with the development of PHP has grown and the platform is now being maintained by the PHP Group. The historical development of PHP went through a lot of phases in order to make it what it is today. People from all over the globe have connected themselves with the PHP group in order to give their contribution to the development and upkeep of the platform and its availability for free. The current version of PHP in the market is 5.6.13. The version was launched in September 2015 and brings many new features to the world of PHP development. However, according to a PHP Development Company in USA, the most widely used version of PHP till today is version 5.4. This version of the platform was introduced a few years ago and due to the internet boom, most of the sites made during that time were based on that version of PHP. So, the version in spotlight of our current topic is the release of 5.4.45, which is primarily a security based update to the current 5.4 platform. In the official notification released by PHP, the latest patch is meant to add the security features and it might be the last version launched in the 5.4 family as they are urging the developer to use the next gen versions and asking them to upgrade their current setups to the new versions of PHP. Additions made by the launch of PHP Version 5.4.45 The latest launch in the 5.4 line of PHP has seen quite a few changes, especially when it comes to the security features. Some prominent additions brought into light by a firm providing Web Development Services in UAE are: Fixed a security bug with #70350 that allowed for directory traversal using ZipArchive. XSLT bug NULL Pointer Dereference was fixed. In SPL, bug #70365 and #70366 were fixed which were causing vulnerability in serial code archive. SOAP bug #70388 was fixed that dealt with Function call confusion issues. Core bugs #70172 and #70219 were fixed that dealt with the stability of the platform. Other than these, there were changes in the EXIF, Hash and PCRE sections of the PHP program. These security issues were thoroughly addressed and a notification was released on the official website that urged all the website developers and designers to incorporate the latest 5.4.45 version to their sites in order to make them safer. Also, the notification further stated that the release might be the last one for 5.4 line of PHP and the developers were asked to try and upgrade to the newer stable versions of PHP which are far better and have much more features than 5.4. With so many uses of PHP, the Web Development Companies are positive about the continued usage of PHP. Other platforms do not offer as much flexibility and ease of access as PHP and it will be interesting to see how the new version allows the developers to make the web apps and websites more secure for their users. Also, the performance of the current version will also tell whether there is a need for another security patch version for the 5.4 lineage of PHP. So, keep yourself updated with the latest happenings in the world of PHP and understand the intricacies under which the platform works.

What is the future of .net technology?
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.net has been around since a few decades. Unlike certain programming languages that have vanished from the scene of technology owing to their irrelevance amidst better languages, many are forced to wonder whether the .net solutions and development will also follow the suit. Well… The future of .net seems to be quite secured. Here are some more reasons for why the .net technology will remain popular and have the staying power in the coming years. The Framework The professionals at our website development company in Australia highly recommend .net to work with as it provides you with a powerful and scalable framework to code upon without writing a single line of code. It saves a lot of time and efforts and is also much easier for the beginners to grasp. This is so because when a .net application is compiled, it is compiled to IL (Intermediate Language) and not to the machine code. Besides, when the application is executed, it is compiled in a native executable code, that is managed by the CLR (Common Language Runtime). The benefit of this is CLR can guarantee certain aspects of the functions of your application like exception handling and garbage collection, giving it inherent security and robustness. Object Orientated Architecture Everything in .net is an object including what you write or use. For example, when you create a web page, it is treated as an object including a tag. According to the team of professionals at our website designing company in USA, this gives you the power to access and control your web applications as you deal with the properties to retrieve or set information. It also allows you to respond to events occurring within the application. Caching .net also offers an easy to use and powerful caching system. It allows any object to be sent to the cache for later retrieval with complete control on its life span. We can also cache the results of our query. So, the subsequent requests do not need a connection to the database for the execution to take place. XML Configuration Configuration of the .net applications are controlled by using a Web.config file. This file is in an XML format that is completely extendible. So, it allows you to abstract the configuration settings including the database connection strings from the code. The experts at our website designing company in USA say that this improves the maintenance and administration of your application and provides a central location for the information string. These are just some reasons for why .net is still so popular. Everyone including the experts at our website designing company in UK agree that .net technology is here to stay and will remain the basis for business applications of the web, scalable cloud services and also for reaching the end users via cross-device development strategies. The .net framework provides a reliable method for writing and executing your application and also helps you to co-ordinate your code.

How to best PHP platform for E-Commerce websites

PHP, one of the most popular and widely used web development languages, is pleased with feature rich frameworks and number of open sources in its family. These frameworks include several incredible tools and features that offer a helping hand to businesses for building high-performance, robust web based applications. Each of the available PHP frameworks is designed to serve a specific purpose. Certain frameworks like WordPress and Drupal are considered the best as CMS and blogging platforms while the others like Cake and Zend PHP are usually recommended for website development. With so many PHP platforms available on the platter, it is common for most business owners to get confused about which one would be the best for them. To make the process of selection easier; we, at the website designing company in USA, are providing you a list of pointers that will help you evaluate the various PHP platforms: The product catalog Scalability Business user control Reporting and Analytics Search Agility Integration Interoperability Synergy Payment Gateway Integration Lets us have a look at the top 5 PHP platforms that are widely used for e-commerce application development: 1. Magento: Magento is the most versatile e-commerce platform. While outsourcing software work in India, we have realized the great potential this platform can offer to businesses. It provides rich e-commerce solutions with complete flexibility as well as control over look, higher functionality and content for an online store. Magento provides a multi-lingual platform that can control multiple websites from a single admin panel with an ability to share as much as or as little as information that is optimum for your business. It also supports localization and multiple currencies. 2. OpenCart: According to the researchers at our website development company in Dubai, OpenCart is also an excellent PHP based shopping cart system for e-commerce. It provides robust e-commerce solutions for internet merchants. It is a highly scalable and a very powerful platform that allows you to create an online shop of any size. It provides a visually appealing interface and is search engine friendly. 3. OsCommerce: This is one of the older PHP frameworks that has consistently been a popular choice for traders looking to set up an online shop. It offers a good range of features and allows business owners to set up their eCommerce stores quickly and with ease. The experts at our website designing company in UK trust this platform for its amazing catalog at the frontend and a versatile administrative tool in the backend. 4. PrestaShop: This one has been one of the world’s most professional and leading eCommerce frameworks. What makes it so desirable is its open source framework that offers PCI-DSS compliant, customizable eCommerce solutions. It can handle everything that eCommerce needs including setting up a web store and managing customers and orders. 5. Shopify: Shopify is perhaps the easiest eCommerce framework to work with. And that’s the USP of this framework. It features a customer menu that can help you organize your customer data for marketing purposes. According to the professionals at our software development Company in South Africa, this framework is the best when you want to add multiple catalogs to your online store. It is a heavily packed framework and has several tools that can help you create a successful online store. We can help you select the best PHP framework depending on the nature of your business, your products and services and your specifications. Once you have managed to complete this crucial step of online store creation successfully and correctly, the rest will be much easier!

How we are different for boosting your business through to websites?
ARKA Softwares

A visible presence on the web is the key to any business to gain attention of their prospective customers and clients and optimize their sale. Now that’s the boost internet has given to small and large businesses in terms of higher profits and an extended reach to the worldwide customers! However, there is a flipside too. If a good online presence can give a boost to your business, the lack of it can also cause a dip in your sales and profit. That is so because today most customers rely on the net to search for the service providers and sellers of the products they are looking for. So, if your website doesn’t appear higher in the Google ranking, there is a danger of your competitors taking the position and eating into your business. But, you need not worry about this. Our website development company in India has in its kitty several secrets and strategies that will help your website gain attention of the netizens and ensure regular traffic to your site thereby giving the much needed boost to your business. So, here are certain unique and efficient methods that we will provide you to boost your online presence and business through website. The SEOs at our website designing company in USA have the required knowledge and experience to come up with the most relevant keywords that will ensure your website link appears at the top in the search engine results. Our creative researchers keep a track of changing trends for keywords and ensure that the keywords entered for your website are in line with the working of the major search engines. We provide long-tail keywords that include the relevant terms for your business. The long-tail keywords are great for reducing your website’s bounce rate and for increasing the time-on-site. Our website designing company in Australia can help you in optimizing your presence on the social networking sites including, of course, the most popular Facebook and Twitter. We have several proven tricks like starting a forum on your website and initiating a Facebook group that can quickly begin higher ranking for the long-tail keywords we have provided. Whether you sell just one product or a number of them, we design your website accordingly so that all the products gain prominence and each one gets the desired attention. We advise you on how you can group the products and services so that the customers can easily find what they want and are also attracted to the other relevant products, which they might be interested in thereby improving your cross-sales and up-sales. Our website development company has a crew of talent professionals that can add an impact to your promotions with creative hover ads. I'm sure you are familiar with pop-ups: They are small windows containing information like a special offer that "pops up" when you visit the website. Whether you love them or hate them, you have to accept that pop-ups are a very useful tool for your online marketing. Though Google, Netscape and others have developed a pop-up blocking software, we have discovered an impressive technology that will let you use your ads through what is known as hover ads. These ads behave like pop-ups; but they won’t get blocked and will give you a great visibility. Beside these, we have several tips and tricks that can help you boost your business through websites. And the best part is that the talented team of SEO experts, web designers and developers at our website designing company in UK is continuously looking for new, innovative ways to drive relevant traffic to your site. So, you can be assured that your business does not lose the search traffic to its website and it continues to retain its higher position in the search engines.