Ruby and Rails is an open source framework comes under the MIT license. There are thousands of web application have been made using RoR services. Not only startups but big tech fields are also utilizing this platform since it offers robust features and building tools. Some useful IDEs (Integrated Development Environment) are also featured in RoR aspects.

There are many RoR IDEs that are used to run syntax code automatically in RoR development. In Ruby programming, these IDEs can make huge benefits while creating an application using Ruby code. IDEs can be divided into three parts-

  1. Source code editor
  2. Build Automation
  3. Debugger

“Some popular RoR IDEs are discussed here”

1. Ruby Mine

Ruby Mine is cross-platform and belongs to the jet brains family. Jet brains are one of the best programming language development tools. The Ruby and Rail IDEs provide smart assistance in web development to the users. Besides, the language has strong navigation and refactoring process positioning and database tools. It includes commanding debugger with an eye catchy graphical UI for Ruby, JavaScript, and Coffee Script and GUI-based test runner. IDEs also support JavaScript, Coffee Script, and ERB, and HAML, CSS, and SaaS.

2. Net Beans

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Net beans IDEs is one of the most used IDEs in programming languages. It’s the part of the big house Oracle. It’s one of those faster and smarter ways for coders to develop the software. Net Beans allows coders to rapidly develop mobile apps and web apps with Java, HTML 5, PHP, C/C++, etc. Additionally, one of the greatest perks of Net Beans IDEs is it’s free for the user.

3. Aptana Studio

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Aptana studio originates from the company named Appcelerator. It’s an open source network and comes under the GPL license. Aptana studio works on the operating system like Windows, Linux, macOS, FreeBSD, JVM, and Solaris. It comes up with amazing features like integration, deployment wizard, an integrated debugger, and built-in terminal. These features help the developer to boost their coding skills.

4. VIM

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VIM is one of the oldest and classic IDEs among the coders. This is basically for those coders who don’t like to use a mouse but only work with keyboard for lighting fast programming. It’s an open source network and flexible to use for programmers and so using VIM you can get free plugins that directly configure Ruby and Rails web development. During the early time, it is found that many Facebook developers are using VIM IDEs.


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5. Komodo

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Komodo is a commercial product offers free open source network also named as Komodo Edit. It works on the cross-platform operating system and comes under the license of propriety. It is designed for students, professional teachers, and professors. They all can use this in tutor app for teaching purpose. The Komodo community provides a discount to the students who want to buy the license as premium level.


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Atom is a most highly configured text editor comes from Github folk family. Ruby on Rails experts can use this for both commercial and personal purpose as it is free to use. It is managed under the license of MIT and works on the operating system of Windows, Ubuntu (Debian Linux), Fedora 22+, Mac and Red Hat Linux.

7. Selenium

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It is an open-source testing software. Selenium provides a complete add-on feature on Firefox. This IDE works on the programming language such are C#, Haskell, Java, JavaScript, and Objective-C, and Perl, PHP, and Python etc. Some great features like auto-completion, testing, debugging and recording tools are parts of this IDEs.  A developer can use this to test quickly and complete the tedious task thereby they can focus in the long run.



There are thousands of IDEs are available in the market. You can choose one as per your project requirements. The above-mentioned IDEs are popular and accessible to coders and developers. These RoR IDEs are powerful enough to enhance your programming skills. Most of these IDEs are open source and so can be used free. ARKA Softwares is the RoR Development Company believes in fulfilling client requirements. Our company has many experienced developers who have the capability for any kind of web development. So if you want to create your website or web application using RoR service feel free to contact us.


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