Teams play an important role in any organization. A team can be defined as a group of like-minded individuals having various specialities, who work together to complete a defined task in a company. There are marketing teams, sales teams, teams for research and development and so on.

Understanding the benefits of having teams: An IT Company example

In order to understand the benefits and the role of having a team, let us take the example of a typical IT services firm. In an IT firm, the various services offered are:

  • Web Development
  • Web Designing
  • SEO Services
  • Digital Marketing
  • App Development

In order to cater to all these service niches, firms generally divide their workforce into varied teams that work on a specific part of the project. Based on the technology being used, we have .NET Development Experts as well as PHP and WordPress experts for developing the website theme.

For a typical Website Development Company USA, UK, India, the organizational structure is somewhat same and we can divide the various teams in the following broad categories:

  • Development Team: This is the core team of web developers. They develop the framework of the websites and are experts in .NET, ASP.NET, PHP and related technologies. The technological expertise also depends on the location as the firms tend to use the technique that is famous in that geographical region like PHP Development USA, .NET development in the US and some other platforms being used in Australia and elsewhere. They develop the websites in accordance with the client needs and have experience and expertise in creating highly efficient sites using the latest technologies.


  • App Development Team: This team is specially recruited for making mobile apps. They are trained in mobile web technology and the subgroups inside this team can include a responsive mobile web design team, mobile SEO team and app marketing team to say the least. These people develop and design the app for Android and iPhones and are responsible for helping their clients in getting higher user attention on their apps and drive their business forward.


  • SEO and Digital Marketing Team: Digital marketing is another important aspect of web development. A website or mobile app can never be successful without a robust marketing plan and SEO. A professional SEO team USA, UK or India includes experts who have experience in designing SEO based sites, writing SEO oriented content and driving keyword-based traffic to the website and app.


  • Web Designing Team: The designing team consists of experts who have a creative mind and can come up innovative design ideas in accordance with the requirements of the client firm. These experts are generally trained in graphic designing, banner designing and animation and VFX. Their most important role is to create a visually attractive theme for the clients and without their efforts, none of the sites would look as good as they do.


  • Support Team: Another very important team that constitutes an organization is the support team. They take care of all customer grievances and ensure that the clients get their issues addressed as soon as possible. Without the efforts and hard work of this team, a firm can never achieve good after-sales service and might never become popular.


  • Sales and Marketing team: Another very important team is the sales and marketing team. These people bring out the best of the firm in front of the potential customers and pitch the services in a way that the potential customers are converted to actual customers.


  • Executive Team: They are the CEOs, CFOs and other executive dignitaries of a firm. They are responsible for all the higher decision making and shaping the policy and work culture of the company. They are the ones who make sure that the vision of the company is in accordance with the work that it does and having a good executive team is very important for the growth of the company.

So, having teams for various functions is an effective way of getting things done and creating a synchronous hierarchy inside an organization.

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