Ludo King Mobile App Development Cost and Key Features


A huge spike in online games has been witnessed during the lock-down due to the pandemic outage of COVID-19 as people were not allowed to leave their houses. Many users across the world figured the best way to spend their ideal time is by playing games.

Ludo Game app has been one of the most popular board games since our childhood & has lots of memories attached to the same like petty fights with your sibling and friends amending rules on the go to make the game in your favor.

Hence Ludo King the leading game provider has a simple tagline “Recall your childhood!”

Ludo is a very simple game that originated in India far back in 3300 BC. Ludo is easy to learn and is a classic game that is loved by people of various age groups.

 As the world is now moving fast with digitization which has brought revolutionizing changes. People now mostly prefer playing games online with remote players and also with the advent of smartphones users are more excited to get their favorite board games over applications that they can play as and when required.

Ludo King mobile app development capitalized on the same and currently has more than 100,000,000+ installs on the Google Play store & an equal number of downloads on the Apple Store.


Ludo king game app development


The gaming industry is on boom these days, based on the success of Ludo King, Candy Crush, Rummy Circle, etc the wisest decision any entrepreneur today can take now is to invest in sports mobile app development.

As stats have shown interest of the users in the board games will never fade from the market as the people are now mobile holic and from the point of companies also it can be a great strategic move.

Ludo King is the most popular board game application which has received an outstanding response from the users when launched over App stores for both Android and iOS.

Within a very limited time period after the launch, the application has received star ratings equivalent to 4.5.

The game offers impressive UI, UX, and multiplayer gaming modes where friends, family, and even children can play all together in this game. Also, these offerings add up to the immense popularity of this board game.


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Market overview of Ludo King App:

Gammation Technologies, a Mumbai-based company created India’s popular and top gaming app “Ludo King” for both Android and iOS platforms. A few interesting statistical numbers about the application are as follows:


most download app on google play- ludo app

Image Credit :


  • During the lockdown period, the application downloads have increased by 300 million and during the period of COVID-19, the revenue in the month of March was locked to $300,000.
  • The number of daily active users playing the game is nearly around 13-15 million.
  • Right now the expectations are there the user numbers may increase by 50 million.
  • The In-App purchase is around Rs. 10-26 per item.
  • So imagine if even 10% of the users spend an average of Rs 20 the revenue will be around 3 million easily.
  • Obviously huge marketing and user engagement and retention will also play an important role.
  • Out of the total number of users, 60% are Indians using and enjoying the application.


board game market size and statistics

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As per a recent interview with Vikash Jaiswal with the popular YouTuber The Lallantop the few facts revealed are as below:-


  • Users report violations of how it is practiced.
  • The game is very popular in Delhi, Chandigarh, Maharashtra & Punjab
  • What are companies stand on the cheats, hacks, tips floated online.
  • Reasons for addiction and high liking between all age groups.



What are the Current Trends in Board Games?

Games like ludo have been popular games for ages after snakes & ladders but the fast-moving life did not give you that pace to sit with your loved ones and enjoy playing these games.

But thanks to digitization which brought these games in the form of applications that can be easily played over mobile phones.

Usually, in life’s busy schedule people do not get much time to spend playing their loved childhood games but thanks to technology which brought in a platform where games like ludo king, snakes & ladders found room to adjust to the busy lifestyle of people.

Technology has broken all the barriers allowing people to establish a connection of love, belongingness, and happiness with their friends and family by connecting remotely with each other over this wonderful game.


The global board games market size is poised to grow by USD 5.17 billion during 2019-2023, according to a new report by @Technavio.


global board game market size and stats


Monetization Methods

The first thought that comes to every entrepreneur who invests his hard-earned money while developing a gaming application is the way an application can earn money. The various methods of revenue generation can be:

Ads Management Module:

Third-party ads are one of the prominent methods for earning money. Therefore the administrator has to maintain a regular flow of advertisements on the application to ensure proper earnings from third-party websites or platforms.

Fixed Percentage Model:

The administrator can set a certain percentage over every game which is being played and can make changes to it later on depending on the choices of the users. In such a way the outcome can be generated for the money being invested.

Earn and Refer Model:

For attracting more gamers to the application the administrator must keep a feature of referring the game to other users. This marketing plan can be executed well as per the marketing model opted by the administrator. Also depending on the server traffic and user management this activity can be paused or started.

In-App Purchases:

This is the most widely used strategy for money-making in the application itself. The gamer can buy certain credits or points for enhancing their gamer profile. Also, the administrator can integrate e-commerce options in the application itself to encourage more In-App purchases.


Ludo App Development


What are the Various Modes Provided by the Game?

This game offers a variety of modes which makes it more interesting for users to play. Users get an option of four modes which can be opted by them for enjoying with their loved ones.

Computer Mode:

In this mode, the computer is selected as the opponent player, and is one of the simplest modes to play in.

Local Player Mode:

The users can play the game with their loved ones over the same phone by using this mode


ludo mobile app development


Multiple Player mode:

The multiplayer mode allows users from any part of the world and can play the game.

Private Mode for Multiple Players:

A private virtual room is created for multiple players which can be the host’s users’ friends and family members.


Important Factors that Should be Considered while Designing the Application like Ludo King:

Certain factors like the design, user interface, UX, platforms on which the application would be launched, and its proper testing are very essential for building any game. Therefore the important factors that should be considered very seriously are as follows:

The Design of the Game:

Online gaming is completely about providing users with remarkable experiences. If the users are not able to engage with the application design, its interface, and concept then the success of the game is at stake.

For instance, if you see the user interface of the Ludo King mobile app is very user-friendly, the UI is well managed with superb graphics. On the other hand, the app comprises perfect sound chores and images for providing users with an impressive experience.

Moreover, the designing of the perfect game involves proper time and money. The tip-over here is to get the user’s attention. Developers that possess good knowledge of the gaming industry and are proficient in graphic designing should be hired for providing engaging, simple, and decent templates.

Platforms on which the Application would be Designed and Launched:

On the basis of the platforms on which the application would get launched, the developers make specifications and select features.

The widely used platforms are Android, iOS, Windows, and React Native. Additionally, the game application’s creation cost relies upon the stage that is selected.

The ludo king app development cost over the android platform is high unless there are various devices over which the application can be tested again.

The Size of the Application:

More prominent the scale, the mobile application creation would be incredible. Application size decides the features, capacities, and additional items that you might want to fuse into your gaming application.

On the off chance that you decide to remember various components for the application (gaming themes, designs, players, and other comparable elements), you ought to be set up to pay more than the normal sum.

Testing of the Gaming Application:

No Gamer would have the option to deal with glitches or interference while playing. Also, the gaming experience can just originate from guaranteeing a bug-free creation of the gaming application.

So mobile programming engineers need to test the mobile device over a few stages to render a bug-free application. The most basic perspective is this testing procedure and no game engineer will ever skirt it.


Game Application Development


Steps that are involved in the development of an application like Ludo King:

Activities prior to the development:

Before the development of the product begins most importantly the documentation of the application ideas or concept is completed, then the designing of the game is done, and project planning is completed.

Development phase:

Once the prior activities of the development are completed then the actual development begins, programming is completed, audiovisuals are created and the quality check comes under this phase.

Activities after the development are completed:

Activities like support, maintenance, and customer service fall under this category.


General Features of Ludo King Mobile App

Easy to use Interface:

The UI dependent on a friendly perspective encourages engineers to learn and utilize the stage rapidly and effectively separately.

In virtual gaming, it is fundamental for engineers to concentrate on conveying a remarkable experience. The designers of the application need to assemble a connecting and simple utilize interface for the players, they ought not to confront any obstacle or require any specialized abilities to utilize the application.

Designers ought to agree to various UI rules, using the most recent segments. The best UI can be made with effective planning and finding new creative thoughts.

The app designers need to bring propelled 3D pictures and high goals to draw in their users for a more extended timeframe and offer cutting-edge understanding.

The most ideal approach to grab the eye is to give appropriate time and research well to a novel and pleasant design structure which gains the attention of the users.

Engaging Graphics of Ludo Game :

As observed in any game the quality of Graphics plays an important role and is the heart of the game as irrespective of how best the code quality or the game engine is, everything fails if the graphics do not attract and hold the user’s attention, hence we have a themes option where the user based on his choice and preference can change the skin of the game based on themes that he likes.

Functionality over various platforms:

Ludo game code underpins the cross-functionality feature. Today, there are many operating systems available in the market, and creating code for an individual OS including Android, iOS, and web can be tedious and increment the costs of development.

The development code of the ludo game can be utilized with different OS, which assists with executing a similar code on a few stages and dispatching the arrangement in a brief timeframe with similar functionalities.

Provides a platform where you can earn by referring people and can play with your loved ones:

Transform the players into loyal users and connecting with them for the long haul is fundamental and key to progress for the gaming mobile application. To get more users and increment your image perceivability, offer an energizing element to your players.

Permit them to recommend the game to their loved ones and give some extra bonus points. After accepting extra bonus points or complimentary gifts, users will consequently suggest the connections and bring new players. This component will assist in expanding the number of downloads.

Multiple/single player:

Multiple players and the single-player option are offered by online ludo games. It opens the opportunity for the players to play the game with their loved ones.

This is the means by which they can appreciate the memory of their adolescence. On the off chance that they don’t have an accomplice to play with, they can pick the single-mode.

The administrator board consequently scans for the accomplice who is accessible and plays the game testing their abilities over the globe.


Ludo App Features


Multiple Themes:

The game provides a wide variety of themes such as Nature, Audio, and Egypt. All these themes have some uniqueness in their characteristics.

For example, the Nature theme has a ludo board that is designed with various pavement blocks which are planted in a grassy field that provides the surrounding with shrubs, woods, plants, and butterflies.

The expressive faces of the pawns resemble similar living creatures and the dice are designed of beetles that ruffle their wings for showing the points when the dice are rolled out.

Multiple Languages:

As the game can be played worldwide so it comes with an option of bilingual language so that players from every region of the world can use it easily.

Real-time Chat Support:

Users can connect among themselves and transform the game into a drawing on stage. To maintain a strategic distance from the problems of composing, they can have a live chat with one another.

Rush Mode:

This mode has been designed to make the game more competitive and interesting in a short span of time. In inrush mode, the rules are modified to make the game edgier, here the player instead of waiting for the other players’ chance to end in this mode you can keep on rolling your dice the moment you move Pawns of your choice.

The aim is to race their tokens or pawns towards the finish line at the earliest, here the objective is to beat other players by sending them to where they started.

The fate of the token relies on rolling dice likewise the classic but the rush mode is the shorter and more exciting version of Ludo.

Here also one gets bonus points after capturing another player’s tokens but there is no finish line and the winner is the one who survives until the end.


The missions in ludo are various game levels and challenges which are conceived to make the game more addictive as one is rewarded with bonus points and codes to unlock various exciting features and themes after winning over the challenges.

The Missions have a turnaround time limit that needs to have adhered to in order to maximize the rewards.


In Ludo one can facilitate a tournament inviting other players to play with you, or else you can participate in a tournament.

One can participate in a Ludo tournament by paying an entry fee and then stands a chance to win the tournament and get rewarded for the same.

Daily Free bonus:

Whenever someone signs up and gets registered for the very first time, one gets the joining bonus, even after joining one receives bonuses and offers for their regular visits and sign-in.

It could be unlocking advanced levels, unlocking new themes, or could be another ongoing reward or feature.


Features of Ludo game Application


Playroom share code:

In case one wants to get in and play in a friend’s room, all one needs to do is tap the Join room option and just fill in the private code and one will be able to join the game.

Once a player has created a room, he sets set an entry amount in coins after doing the same the player will get a code that the player needs to share with his friend who wants to join his room.

Global Ranking:

The ranking depends on various factors like how often one plays the game, how many coins one has earned, how many themes one has unlocked, how many tournaments one has won etc. The global ranking keeps on changing on a real-time basis making the game more exciting and addictive.


In order to make the game more exciting and to attract the user, Ludo king keeps on running various offers. The offers are always available for a certain period of time in which one gets the bonuses, coins, or can unlock advanced levels and themes.

Offers could be a discount going for a certain time or it could be a challenge that needs to be completed within a Stipulated time in order to get rewarded.

Ludo Game Engine:-

In order to enable the business owner to introduce his own mode or style of Ludo, we have developed our own in-house Game Engine from scratch using Full-stack i.e MEAN (MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS & NodeJS) to make the various types of game modes like User to User online, Playing against the computer(BOT).

We have covered all the rules of the classic ludo game to ensure that the user playing experience matches with the traditional board game rules that he has been following.

Also, the partial AI (Artificial intelligence) used to develop the game is smart enough to learn and make the game more efficient when playing against the computer.

Hence if you have any custom requirements or need to amend the rules or the game flow logic we can very easily custom develop the same efficiently.

To ensure that the game works smoothly for the moving of the tokens and the rolling of the dice we have used web sockets providing a smooth experience to the end-user. We can discuss the same in more detail during the project development.


Admin Features of Ludo King Mobile Application:-

  • Authentication of Admin login
  • Dashboard detailing all the important parameters required for sales and marketing decision-making.
  • Manage Users of the application- Block reported users.
  • Leader board – Local, National and Global also among friends.
  • Manage table entry fee
  • Manage tournaments
  • Wallet Management for users so admin can adjust & edit, credit, or debit coins into user accounts.
  • Monitor payment transactions for all the purchases and earnings.
  • Manage Coins to be given to the user on daily basis.
  • Games list for all past and ongoing games between players.
  • App Version Management.
  • Notice Management
  • Notifications
  • Manage Chats
  • CMS (Content Management System)


Ludo App Development Company


What is the cost of developing an application similar to Ludo King?

The specific figure can’t be determined except you finalize your developer and discuss with them every one of your requirements.

Before assessing the cost, it’s critical to outline prerequisites against time and endeavors that will be placed in the development process. The cost for development additionally relies upon the designer you recruit. If the engineer is experienced, with a solid portfolio, the general cost will scale up, obviously.

As referenced previously, the development cost further relies upon the number of features added to the application. For instance, if the Design is straightforward and essential, the development cost would be lesser and the other way around. This is the equivalent for different features like application platform, game application testing, and any extra you wish to include.

So, the better the features/usefulness, the higher will be the expense. Therefore the basic reference of the average cost for the application could be:

  • If you require to develop a classic board game application with basic functionality and limited features list then it would cost near around $5000.
  • Moreover, if you have bigger plans to target a wide audience with the best board gaming application which comprises advanced functionality and features. Then it would cost around $15000.
  • Though the selection of the development partner also plays a vital role in deciding the cost.
  • If you are selecting the best board game mobile app development company which comprises immense experience in delivering customized gaming experiences, it would cost high.



As you have realized how to develop an app like Ludo King? Along these lines, hustle just a bit and structure a game application similar to Ludo King, with all the features referenced above, our team of experts is here to help you in changing your fantasy to the real world. Our group of master game application engineers is here to help you anytime in the board game application development process.



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