AngularJS is a topmost platform for creating Android and iOS application for various platforms. This includes many extensive features and tools to deliver a faultless application. Additionally, this platform adds some advanced app development exercises as daily uses. The interacting capability of AngularJS development services helps in creating dynamic development services.

For Android app development the platform has become much better as it offers a complete solution including most important aspects and tools. While using those tools and modules we need to follow the given tips in Android app development-


1. Create AngularJS Script

AngularJS is a Native development platform where you can create Native and hybrid applications. So, when getting started to create a Native Android app you should follow the given points-

  • First, you need to download the latest version of AngularJS and integrate it to the View Point.
  • As an alternative to the latest version, you have hosted provided by Google.
  • To get hosted library you can use this URL -“”></script>


<script src=””></script>


2. Binding-App Attributes

Binding ng-app attributes or directives in HTML we can start bootstrapping of AngularJS. Directives are considered as some attributes, tags, and class names that make AngularJS connect with behaviour to DOM elements. We can understand it by reading the following points-

  • Implementing ng-app directives you can bootstrap the application and define its range. There you will find multiple applications within the same page and directives are responsible to describe the place where an app starts and ends.
  • The type of directives is ng-controller which shows that if a controller is working in your view. AdriverControllertakes place and provides drivers list or “DriversList”.
  • ng-repeat is very important and most utilized to state the template scope. The most important feature of ng-repeat is that it can reproduce the line in the table in DriverList.


3. Create and Add Controller

Without adding controller there is no use of View so it is important to create a controller and integrate it. In this process, you will see $Scope variable as a parameter to the controller. This variable can hold app data that is implemented within the template. If you add anything such as

driverList, it will access directly your views. Consider the given code-



    .module(“someApp”, [])

    .controller(“someCtrl”, function($scope){

      $scope.text = “AngularJS basic application example by”;                                 });


Now we need to express controller Scope so go through given script-



    .module(“someApp”, [])

    .controller(“someCtrl”, function($scope){

      $scope.text = “AngularJS basic application example by”;                                 });


  • Write this script in html file and open in a browser to see the performance of AngularJS.
  • You will notice a text which is – AngularJS basic application example by
  • This text is managed by data on the view and set in the application model.


4. Data Loading from the Server

It includes the following steps-

  • AngularJS gives two services to create communication with HTTP services- $http and $resource.
  • Create a custom service to abstract the server. Creating custom service you can fetch your data and this works as a package around $http by integrating to services.js. Look at the given code-

ergastAPI.getDrivers = function() {

      return $http({

        method: ‘JSONP’,

        URL: ‘’

In this process, we perform with these modules-

  1. F1FeederApp.Services – A new module
  2. ergastAPIServices – To register a service

5. Filter

In data filtration, we need to add some functionality by using a simple text search input. In this process, it will filter the complete list. Add this line to “index.html” –

<input type=”text” ng-model=”nameFilter” placeholder=”Search…”/>

Using ng-model directive you can bind text field this variable –  $scope.nameFilter

Besides the above-discussed points, you can find a few further steps that all are as usual in the process of Android app development. Routing, partial view are some common step to get finished an app development. To make the aforementioned steps much convenient and flexible you can hire AngularJS developer and make concern with him/her. 



In the above-given steps, we have covered almost all significant things that are necessary to implement and need to keep in mind to make the process systematic. AngularJS is supported by Google community so you can feel flexible to craft a well-structured Android application. Moreover, the powerful framework works on the basic concept and make easy write and run code to achieve a front-end Android app.

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