Developing websites in Laravel is really a pleasurable experience but when you deploy the application you will realize that the website does not work perfectly under the genuine condition. Therefore, the developers have to underline this problem and need to focus on improving the site speed and performance. A website developer should follow some key strategies in Laravel application development. Referring various resources you can analyze your site’s functionality and improve that accordingly by using the following given tips-

1. Minimize Number of Queries to Database

Using a powerful ORM or any other ORM for this matter has a massive downside that you will forget how many queries you are essentially creating to the database. You can use a tool called SQL doctor, to know the queries.

2. Minimize Plugins

Laravel comes with lots of plugins, and these plugins insert more functionality. Laravel uses the composer to handle components, so eliminating the unnecessary parts from composer Json file decreases the dependencies to be loaded. Obviously, many libraries and files that are to be loaded also increase with this. So it is suggested to chop down the unnecessary plugins.

3. Use JIT Compiler

PHP always requires some aspects like Zend engine so it can interpret the files and implement C routines. But this process is time taking so it works slowly; therefore it is suggested to utilize JIT compiler which can help the application to perform faster without taking much time. You can use HHVM as a JIT compiler that is extensively used for Laravel.

4. OpCache 

When you run the application, a piece of processing time is taken to change the script to the machine-readable structure. Most of the processing time is used in this process when the compilation occurs on the run-time. OpCache helps in this condition by caching the byte-code conversion and you can boost the speed of your Laravel application. 

5. Caching and CDN

Laravel comes with an interface for caching. You can utilize redis for faster caching of most of your data and decrease number of DB hits. In addition, you should use CDN to deliver statics assets.

6. Compress the Images

You can create different sizes of the same image and use them according to the mandatory size. When you have a banner for your website you may require a large image but when you need to use the same image for other places you can pick the smaller size of the image. This process can boost the performance of the Laravel application.

7. Expiry Time

You need to increase the expiry time of the static resources like JS, CSS, and images. Use the versions to get expiring the browser cache when these resources get changed.

8. Classmap Optimization

Laravel includes many different files for every request as many large and complex projects include lots of files. So, it is recommended to combine all files in one file used for each request declaring all of them. Thus, after that, this single file can be loaded for each request. 


So, when you want to develop any complex application using Laravel, you should follow the above-given points. These important points definitely will help you in improving your website performance. Besides you can meet a Laravel developer to get in-depth solutions for boosting up the speed the website.

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