The checkout flow in the commerce is where the money is at. So if you have an eCommerce store want to know how to increase your conversion rate, then you came to the right place. In this blog, we will talk about the payment gateway page design.

Here is a list of e-commerce websites design that provides you the most simple and beautiful design checkouts page. The design of these given payment gateway website pages are definitely correct and will give you clear suggestions that how can you design a checkout page, and later it will transform people into customers.


Apple is a world famous brand. The website should be in such a way that it perfectly matches up with company reputations. Check out a page of the website is also well-designed and highlight the call to action options.

The payment gateway web page is the page where most of the user feels insecure. One of the most timewasting things in e-commerce websites is it forces the users to register all their information before they check out.  Apple provides a guest checkout option on its users that mean buyers can also buy things without submitting all the information’s or creating account/login. The other side of the guest check out is shoppers can’t track their order. But if that is not a trouble for you, this is a helpful feature.


There are lots of e-commerce development platform. Amazon is the world number one e-commerce website. The most common perception is to provide maximum options like continue shopping, add to wishlist, or buy later on check out pages. But the Amazon checkout page provides only two options either to buy the product or to close the shopping window. This is the marketing strategies of Amazon. Once shoppers decided to buy the product then there only focus should be on to complete the purchase journey.


There are a lot of e-commerce platforms which do not provide the one-page checks out options. Nixon e-commerce has designed their payment gateway page smooth and simple. The top bar of the checkout page will give you complete loading information and how many stages are left before in the process of purchase journey. Besides, the website will give you a clear idea about the whole check out process.

There are links attached to the page return policy, product warranty detail, privacy notice to build trust with customers.


If you compare Made to other furniture e-commerce then Made is beautifully crafted. The website UI and UX are customized and product listed in a stunning way. Similarly, the checkout page is also clear and simple. To create the sense of urgency, developers have added the countdown time on the checkout page.    

Along with all these, the checkout page will show how much you are saving on your order to make them complete their purchase journey. The greatest feature is they are coming up with live chat talk on the payment gateway web page.


A beautifully designed web page can boost up your company sale. Website/application design plays an essential role in the online business. Most people judge the companies by looking at their website design, same with e-commerce store and the design of the checkout page will make up their mind to continue their purchase journey. In this blog, I have mentioned that e-commerce which have the best checkout d-designs.

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