The world of technology is changing on a daily basis. Every day Web Development companies are doing data analysis and providing the latest update so they can sustain in the market or get ahead of their opponents.

Technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, internet of things, autonomous vehicle, smart home, and e-commerce are the epitome of the latest technologies.

So 2018 will be critical for web developers. They are expected to develop many websites and evolve the technology around us. In this blog, I will provide you a brief description of the top trends in web development in 2018.

AngularJS Development

 It is one of the most widespread JavaScript frameworks till now. It was released an era ago by Google.  Few tools of AngularJS are used in tech giants like Instagram and PayPal.

This year, there will be a heavy requirement of functional programming, so the developer will return to web development through the fundamental principle. It embraces web development by building programs that are proficient enough of accomplishing core functions. Angular framework almost efficiently fulfills every development.

The Widespread Use of Vue. JS

Vue.js is released in 2014. It became extremely popular after its releases ever since. In comparison to another framework, it is designed to make the user interface more customized. The framework is not made by top web design companies, developed by an individual called Evan. Besides, it only focused on the layers view and easily appreciates by the beginner developer also. Along with that, it is an open-source project and a library for developing web interfaces through MVVM data bindings with basic API. Vue.js templates are only binding in the HTML templates making the integration easy and smooth. 

Mobile Web Development

Everyday mobile traffic is increasing; most of the companies are making their website mobile friendly or application for ios & Android. 80% of websites traffic is coming from smartphones. Average time spent by people on their smartphone is rapidly increasing and has gone up to over 5 hours per day.

Learning mobile development and grasp how content will be best consumed on smaller devices is a key challenge in 2018. According to the web development expert, Steven Hoober said that 49% of smartphone users are used phone single handily. So, contribution native and an easier interface for net connectivity and web page loading is a must.

 Progressive Web Apps

 The application works with the functionality and design of the mobile application. The motive of PWA is to provide application experience in your website and web page. Web applications are trying to give their smartphone users a familiar touch and feel. It helps the site to come on the home screen; it works at a consistent speed, increased engagement on web pages and improved conversion for the users. Optimizing PWA required little more efforts then regular websites.

Push Notifications

Push Notification are helping website owners to generate their revenue. The developers are executing push notification throughout the year 2018. Users will get a notification whenever they open the website. For example in an e-commerce website, online retailer alerts you through push notification when the product price is dropped.

Static Website

A static website takes less time in opening and loads web pages easily. According to statistics, the static website will remain in the demand throughout the year 2018.


In conclusion, web development is going under a massive transformation. Few things like new frameworks, design trends, user expectations, and mobile developments are changing web development every day. It is responding and growing under user expectation and trends. The use of live video on the website will also become trends later this year. Honestly video content increases the revenue. So if you are looking for web development, then keep this above-listed point and detail in your mind.

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