We all are much tech-conscious than ever before. We are about to enter in the year 2018, and it also, just like previous year promises a prosperous app development year. Various mobile platforms have emerged in the IT industry but what catches the eye of any mobile app development company is the hold of Android. Android has changed the mobile application development methodology in few past years and here we are again to welcome Android App Development trends 2018 –

1. AI &Machine Learning in Android Development

Machine learning empowers any android app to recognize complex prototypes. In 2018, the technology will attract users to more innovative patterns with AI (Artificial Intelligence). In the coming year, we would be exploring various verticals of AI, some of which are-

  • Deep learning Theory: It is a neural network which imitates the human brain. You are likely to see deeper neural network design in 2018.
  • Capsule Network: It is a new form of deep neural networks; it helps to maintain the hierarchical relationships. You will be able to use the Capsule network widely in neural network architectures.
  • Lean and Augmented Data learning: With the help of this technology, you can present broad problems. You can expect extra variations of this technology in the upcoming year.
  • Hybrid Learning Model: Different neural networks such are GANs and DRL, have shown great performance with several types of data. It is expected to see deeper hybrid learning model in Android development in the next year.
  • Automated machine learning: AutoML enables business clients to develop machine learning model for their business application without any complex programming environment. You could see more business AutoML packages and integration in Android development in next year.

2. IoT in Android Development

IoT (Internet of Things) is spreading all over the world and it continues to reshape the Android app development in 2018. In a very short time, technology has bound billions of mobile devices/Smartphone and we are always hunting for what new has evolved in the tech-market. 2018 is all set to bring new phenomenon in Android development in the next year-

  • The Upcoming Business apps with IoT sensor
  • More accessible healthcare apps using IoT
  • New network security in Android apps
  • Big data for Android applications

3. Google’s Accelerated Mobile pages

Accelerated mobile pages provide a remote search index for any android application page. It helps mobile applications to load faster and it reduces bounce rate. In 2018, AMP will be beneficial with some changes and improvements, that are-

  • Higher CTR
  • High page ranking
  • Easy visitor study
  • Mobile searching Index
  • Less migration effort

4. Android Native Apps

Native apps work like websites, so in the upcoming year, Android native/instant applications can attract more customers with much convenience effects. You can take the advantages of such apps without installation. In the upcoming year, Android native apps can be useful in the following manner-

  • You will be able to access the application easily by installing on your device.
  • You can share the native app to another device simply.
  • Android instant app will be compatible with the all Android version.
  • You will get more space on your smart device with the Android native applications.

5. Cloud-based Android Apps

Cloud technology has become much easier and faster to access data without any burden effort; therefore, Android experts are focusing on more cloud driven apps. You can see cloud service with some new trends in 2018 while developing an Android app. The new trends are-

  • More data security for commercial business/enterprises
  • Online cloud apps like Dropbox, Google Drive etc will provide more data space with Android system
  • Data streaming (Audio/Video, online gaming etc) can be more flexible on cloud driven applications
  • Web browsing will quicker and trouble-free on Android smart devices


According to the statics, 75%-80% mobile app developers prefer to work for Android as opposed to any other operating system. Android system has become more and much popular platform for Smartphone and other smart devices. So in the manner, if you need to develop a mobile application, you should choose the Android framework for manufacturing.

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