The growth of augmented reality is remarkable as it allows users to visualize product & imagine what it feels like to own the product without even buying it.  As the technology deliberated to be valuable for users, the demand and investment will be inflated.

In the last year 2017, Apple & Google launch their own powerful AR tools- ARKit, ARCore. Companies launch these tools to make AR application for mobile.  Along with this, top 10 mobile development company is focussed on making AR application & it is foreseen that there will be 1 billion users till 2020.

Let’s have a look at few of the augmented reality applications that are already in use.

“Gatwick Airport Passenger Application”

The application recently applauded ‘Mobile Innovation of the Year’ & won enormous awards.  The app allows the passenger to navigate the airport through smartphones maps. Besides, the application improvises the traffic flow of airports. Few of the features of the application are listed below-

1) Instant access to live flight information.

2) Retail offers, tailored to you.

3) Book on-site parking

4) Packing tips and security advice

Ikea Place & Dulux Visualiser

Earlier, buyers used to think a lot before buying any furniture from the online store. They have some genuine questions like what if the furniture doesn’t match up with home after delivering.

 The Ikea Place application allows users to design their living space by virtually placing products in the area to create a new environment or to check whether this product match up with my room or not. Besides, the application was built-up on ARKit.

The Dulux Visualiser helps you to visualize which paint shade suits your housings. You just need to scan the room with your smartphone camera and then virtually paint it with any rainbow color. 

Sephora Virtual Artist and Rolex

Nowadays, the human being is very much obsessed about their looks, but still, people are afraid to try new looks because they don’t know how they will look & what impact their new look will leave on other people. So here is the solution for you-

Sephora application is the cosmetic company allow customers to apply different kind of makeup as well as colors right on their own digital face. It is one of the most powerful facets of the company to sell their cosmetic product. Besides, Give customers a fun way to try new looks.

Rolex – Rolex is the world famous watch company & produce some top luxuries wristwatch in the world. The company already make their steps in AR technology by developing a virtual try-on experience where customers can approach out different styles and models of Rolex.

 AR in healthcare

 There are some exceptional perks of AR in healthcare. AR allows pharmacy companies to improvise patient health by visualizing various situations.  In critical situations, the technology can deliver the details to the operation area, support diagnosis, surgery and treatment plans in actual real time.

The surgeon can now plan the surgery before making the first cut. In additions to these features, it allows medical students to interact with a 3-d representation of body to analyze more information about the patients. The uses of AR in healthcare will definitely be going to help the medical departments. For future, Software Company needs to hire App developer for AR health development.

AR in Gaming

Augmented reality gaming is the amalgamation of visual game, audios and the user’s environment in the real time. The AR gaming uses your existing atmosphere and creates a gaming environment within it.

Pokémon go is the worldwide popular game based on this technology. It uses a smartphone camera, gyroscope, clock and GPS and to enable a location-based augmented reality environment. In AR mode, the screen displays Pokémon in the user’s real-world environment.


The use of AR in every industry destined to make life easier for all human beings. As these technology developers continue pushing their limits, we can expect some great AR products in the future that can transform this industry.

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