Here, we have put together some popular digital marketing trends of 2019, so you can find out what changes you need to bring in your business for outstanding results of your marketing efforts.

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Content Marketing

Content marketing is a powerful way to spread awareness of your brand. Nowadays many companies are encouraging their customers and clients to write blogs. Blogs help educate people about your product and services and new visitors get to know your products better when they get to read more and more about your products and services.

Social Media

Perhaps you aware about the importance of social media marketing channels as they can do wonder for your business. Social networking websites like, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter have a great number of active users, which many brands are using to market their product directly or indirectly. Social media marketing has been helping businesses grow incredibly. So the trend of social media marketing is growing. 

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is one of the most important trends that are booming nowadays. It is true that mobile marketing is an important turn from PCs and laptops. Mobile devices allow users to do whatever they want to do very easily and conveniently. With the growing use of mobile devices, mobile marketing trend is becoming popular each day more

Today, we can see that artificial intelligence technology is on the rise. It makes things incredibly easy. Using AI, you can understand your market and customers better, and further use that data to grow your business. It helps businesses offer advanced services and products with the great user experience. It helps you connect with your potential customers and users effectively and easily. You can share information and tips to strengthen your bond with your users.

AI also allows programmatic advertising which enables businesses in targeting specific markets and audiences. This automation helps any business increase the conversion rates. Experts expect that approx 90% of the digital display ads will be programmatic by 2020.


Chatbots are already popular and their importance in digital marketing is growing each year, and perhaps there would be chatbots in almost every area of digital marketing. The chatbot is based on artificial intelligence technology and allows instant messaging for chatting. It helps you to connect with your customers addressing their queries in real time.

As per the research reports, experts expect that the use of chatbots will increase and around 80% businesses will choose chatbots to fulfil their needs and save time, efforts and cost.

The best thing of chatbots and users like most is its prompt responses. Chatbots have the complete record of the customers and are very responsive. It reduces the precious time of your employees by handling the most tedious task of your company and allows them to use that time for some innovation.


You will see that personalization in marketing efforts is another important trend of 2019. You can personalize your products, emails and more to ensure the better results of your efforts.

Using advanced technologies, you will be able to access the core data of your customers including the record of customers’ orders, customers’ behaviour and more. This will also allow you to customize content based on their preferences.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is becoming significantly important for every business. Research shows that approx 70% of users choose to watch the video as it makes things easier to understand and provides a clear picture of your products and services. Video marketing also helps increase the conversion rate of your business. You can enhance video marketing benefits by start broadcasting live on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

A number of businesses have found it beneficial after using it for product demos, videos from events, making of products, interviews, life behind the scenes at their offices, etc. This would be the best option for start-ups and small businesses as the smartphones and similar devices have got high-resolution cameras on which the videos can be shot and released over the intended platforms.

Influencer Marketing

Another important trend is influencer marketing that can help any business amazingly. It is indirect marketing in which businesses hire influencers like celebrities, journalists or bloggers to spread the message for your brand. This one is truly a powerful way to market your business, reach out to millions and attract customers.


Since a great number of users are nowadays using their mobile devices to do a variety of task, experts putting a lot of efforts to leverage micro-moments to draw their customers’ attention and fulfil their instant decisions.

Marketers can take advantage of micro-moments like when a customer searches the nearby store, wants to buy something online, or wants to hire someone a task or makes a purchase – to create targeted content and advertising.

By using the latest technologies, you can develop solid bonding with potential and existing customers, staying ahead of the competition.

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