Developing iOS application is much easier these days due to a large number of tutorials and learning tools and materials. Having lots of app development tools is really awesome to produce a different type of iOS app development services but it is too challenging when you need to choose one. There, it seemed that more and more iOS development tools each year and it is not going to stop for iOS developers in 2018. We have together here the top iOS app development tools so that you can easily utilize them by optimizing each one to get a highly relevant application-

1. Editor and IDEs

IDE (Integrated development environment), is the application that highly facilitates app development. Generally, if we talk about IDE, it a GUI form (graphical user interface) which is designed to help developers in creating an application utilizing an integrated environment with all required tools and aspects. There are alternatives to Xcode IDE but first, you should try only Xcode before going to another. You can get enough plugins so you easily can customize your application.

Xcode: – This is the official IDE made by apple and it is considered as most powerful coding platform with its range of iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple watch, and Apple TV.

AppCode: – It supports Objective-C as well as Swift.

Swifty: – This is frequently updated mobile app which helps you anywhere to creating an application.

Code Runner: – Not just Swift, it can work in any language.

2. Libraries 

You will be able to access thousands of libraries while crafting an iOS application in this year. We are discussing some specific and most frequently utilized libraries in iOS app development.

Swift Toolbox: – A good collection of iOS and OS X libraries.

CocoaPods: – The most popular essential dependency manager for Swift and Objective-C programming.

RxSwift: – This is highly suggested library by the best iOS developers for asynchronous programming.

Swift JSON: – It is popular for JSON use.

Some other popular libraries are Swift standard libraries, Trending Cocoa Pods, Alamore, PromiseKit etc.

3. Language Resources

 We are discussing some of the popular tools for learning language resources – Swift and Objective-C. – This is a guide to an iOS programming language. It is utilized to Swift-related resources.

Udacity: – It introduces the Swift language. It helps in understanding the language code.

Stanford: – It quality tool made by Stanford. It provides lots of tutorial videos. – It is a nice tutorial tool for beginners. It starts from very basics and gives a series of modules including concepts like OPPs and control flow.

Some other tools are ‘Design+code’ and Hacking with Swift etc.  

4. Plugins  

You can have many plugins in this year. Some of them are free and some not. We are discussing some popular plugins that can help you in customizing Xcode to extreme detail.

Alcatraz: – It comes with its own discovery engine and for templates, plugins, and color schemes.

Injection for Xcode: – It comes as a change implementation of an Objective-C.

Xcode Colors: – You can add colors to the debugging console to get a visual support.

All Targets: – It helps in selecting all targets automatically while integrating a new file to Xcode.

Some other plugins are- Dash, XToDo, HKSnippet, GitDiff, CoPilot, Auto Resize mask, and Refactorators etc.

5. Ad Networks

When developing your own iOS application you should know where it will be better to advertise the app. So, consider the following hugely popular platforms-

Facebook: – Facebook is the top platform for advertising your new mobile app across the world. It can cover all media sources, formats, and channels.

Chartboost: – It offers highly targeted ads to the targeted audience and customers.

Unity: – It has moved beyond development and into ads. You can get a good information and support to your campaigns. 

AppDriver: – It is a risk-free representation that performs on a cost-per-installs basis.

Other ads network tools are- AppLift, Twitter, Mobvista, NativeX, Yahoo Gemini, and Blind ferret etc.


In this blog, you can cover a number of most famous and utilized key aspects and tools for iOS development but still, there are many others that can help you in building a high-quality iOS application. In 2018, iOS came with many changes and replacements but it is really interesting to optimize the iOS app development with new tools and aspects.

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