A lot of developers choose PHP among all other programming languages. It is one of the easy-to-use and powerful development platforms. The language is fast and capable enough to perform complex task proficiently. For beginner developers, Php is the perfect language. A person who has a bit knowledge of C Language and understands HTML, CSS, javascript to some extent can get a flying start with PHP.

Commonly, when a developer works in PHP, they probably slog into MySQL for the database system. Well, there are many problems involved in PHP and MySQL and some of these are caused by the mistakes which are listed below:

“Using MyISAM Rather Than InnoDB”

MySQL has various numbers of database engines but mostly developers prefer MyISAM and InnoDB. MyISAM is a default storage engine. If you are creating a simple and experiment database then MyISAM is a completely wrong choice, as it does not support foreign key constraints and transactions.

The clarification is simpler use InnoDB. It is relatively highly reliable and consists of high-performance storage engine. But this is the common tendency of PHP developer to prefer MyISAM over InnoDB. Because they deliberate MyISAM is easier-to-use compared to InnoDB!

Using PHP’s MySQL functions

PHP has been providing library functions from the day one. Mysql functions have several advantages. It is an object-oriented interface and helps to prevent SQL injection from malicious attack. This somehow increases performance and created a prepared statement. Along with this, the function supports multiple statements and transaction support. CakePHP Development Company develops applications and depends on mysql_connect, and mysql_fetch_assoc, etc.

Not using UTF-8

One of the mistake PHP developers do is not using UTF-8. It is important for globalization. The people of the USA, UK, and Australia rarely use a language other than English. Different languages does not support in PHP version 6.0 Besides, UTF-8 actually solves the internationalisation issue.

Favoring PHP over SQL

For beginner SQL developers, it is easier to solve the development method issues in the language you understand. It is better to prefer solving a problem through PHP code than to use efficient MySQL queries. For example, rather than using functions, we can use PHP codes to evaluate an average by summing up all the values in a recordset. In general, develop the strengths of your database when evaluating all data. A little SQL information goes a long way.

Not Optimizing Your Queries

99% PHP problems is created by the database and a single bad SQL query can make chaos with your PHP development. There are few tools like Explain statement, Query profile and many other tools help you to turn on slow query log and to understand the poor query service in your database server system.

Bonus Mistake: Not Considering Other Databases!

MySQL is the widely used database system but it is not the only option for developers. PostgreSQL and Firebird is its closest rival. They both are open source and controlled by cooperation and provide SQL. Microsoft enterprise gives SQL server express and Oracle. Both of these are a free version of these editions.


PHP is the widely used programming language. Many developers do this kind of common mistake while developing their project on the MySQL database. I have mentioned above a few common mistakes developers do usually in MySQL database. Like the old thought- practice makes men perfect. You can learn from your mistake and take an action to avoid making the same mistake for your future application development.

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