PHP is the topmost server-side programming language that supports several web developing frameworks, giving a rise to emergence of new PHP web development frameworks. These frameworks come with different type of hosting capabilities, tools, developing process and timeline, huge management. Here, are some of the well-known and major frameworks taken in account for their specialties and services. Make a look at those platforms- 

1. Laravel

Laravel is the most popularly used PHP framework includes lots of exhaustive features and web developing tools. Following the MVC (Model- View – Controller) design pattern Laravel application development offers a robust web application experience to the customers. The most appreciable thing, it is an open source framework integrating various modular packages that create a vivid path for Laravel developers. Here, some major magnificent specialties of Laravel explained below-

  • It is MVC- based framework that provides speedy web manufacturing services.
  • It offers strong encryption tools and package used for the web security management.
  • Laravel execute various dynamic processes to create the overloading potentials.
  • Laravel development includes HHVM (Hip Hop Virtual Machine) which make rapid unit- testing.
  • Best documentation process and high level of abstraction.

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2. Symfony

Symfony is an MVC-based web development framework. Since it is an open source platform Symfony is excessively free of cost to the web developers. Besides, this framework is much utilized by developers as well by businesses for their commercial purpose.

Its development process comprises Symfony components that are used to build a different kind of PHP web applications; additionally, it includes PHPBB, Drupal etc. Some much likable features are-

  • It is too much cost-effective and time-saving whereby it is considered as much convenient.
  • Symfony2 provides more influential, extensible tools or aspects.
  • In Symfony2 you would get an automated task functionality tools so you will be able to reduce the testing process to analyze the quality of the website.
  • Fully integrated with ORM (object-relational mapping)

3. CakePHP

The CakePHP is unique and ideal framework having MVC support and scaffolding capacity to pace the web manufacturing. There is no need to configure XML, and the security features are more protective to take care of much general functionality. Moreover, it is persists in maintaining the consistency and customization of business websites with 100% acquiescence using W3C web standards. Some much recognizable features of CakePHP are-

  • Security features add much ability to prevent SQL injection, CSRF and XSS aspects from validation.
  • It uses pre-written code which saves lots of time in web manufacturing process.
  • Provides inbuilt validation features.
  • Supports ORM and object-oriented programming codes.

4. Codeigniter

Basically, it is used to create dynamic websites with PHP programming. While Codeigniter is an open source and user-friendly framework; A Codeigniter development company facilitates the web developers simplifying the PHP code-syntax with much rapidity, easiness and accessible. Functionalities of Codeigniter can be different at some points but all have a optimistic usability. Some superior features are given below-

  • It has migration facility so a developer can execute the database updates all over the website.
  • Using MVC model it provides straightforward management ability.
  • Provides better documentation and LTS (long-term support).

5. Zend

Zend is the high professional and much extensive Framework; it is commonly used for enterprise web development. Therefore, it comprises lots of customization services, feeds, and components whereby any web developer may perform with much easiness and convenience. Some core fundamentals of Zend are given below-

  • It is an object-oriented platform.
  • On Zend implementation, you can choose own web design and architecture.
  • Easy Debugging with Z-Ray on the Zend server.
  • PHP page caching on Zend server is used to improve the PHP website or application.


Acquiring vital information of various PHP platforms you can justify a particular one but the above discussed study is not about the number of services and features a platform has; it is a complete discussion about the best abilities, functionalities and much authentic service provided by the framework. Thus, at finalizing this, we anticipate that you can go your best prosperities in your next web development project by utilizing the above-described frameworks superiority.

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