Xamarin is a highly efficient framework that has many great specialties, for dot net developers. It is an open-source platform helps in developing mobile applications for multiple platforms like Android, iOS, and UWP etc. Amongst different technologies, Xamarin is an advantageous platform for native mobile app development. By exploiting Xamarin features, you can use UI controls to build native iOS and Android applications. During Xamarin mobile application development, developers are able to use libraries written on objective C, C/C++ or Java so they can use again the pre-written code in the application. Look at the other popular reasons why go for Xamarin app development-

1. Native Package

With Xamarin, developers get a good package that includes a native user interface, native API and higher native performance with the help of native user controls. So, the application created on this platform provides you great flexibility and if we talk about flexibility then the scrolls move like fluid naturally. Have a quick look at the points-

  • As the platform has built-in user interface controls the application behaves the way the end user anticipates.
  • Native application full accessibility to the range of functionality controlled by Xamarin platform.

2. Hybrid apps Limitations

The following given facts show that how Xamarin app development is the biggest lead against hybrid HTML applications. Look at below- 

  • Xamarin platform works CPU-intensive tasks 22 times faster than hybrid HTML works.
  • Xamarin applications start 25% faster than hybrid HTML.
  • Xanmarin apps consume 76 % less CPU time than hybrid HTML.
  • Xamarin apps can load datasets 62% faster than HTML loads.

3. Integration with Azure Cloud

You can get a secure cloud backend with Xamarin due to Microsoft’s Azure integration. With Azure, you will leverage various Xamarin app development services like offline data update, authentication, push notification, and lots of apps essential services.

4. Easy Development Environment

Now, you are able to start Xamarin app development with Visual Studio, Window, and Mac system. You can use Visual Studio to write code and deployment of any type of application. For iOS application, you can write code on Visual studio and the same process goes to Android app development. The process works like a compiler and emulator and helps in testing the application additionally.

5. More Stable and Updated SDK

Xamarin has more updated SDKs for Android and iOS app development that are fully tested and verified than other development platform tools. Furthermore, the developers can find more stable and faster features in Xamarin SDKs.

Some Universal Facts of Xamarin Platform 

  • Microsoft provided an ideal platform that is approaching hugely among the world’s developers who currently work on iOS and Window.
  • Xamarin provides cost-effective tools which can be utilized for making simple the app development process for various operating systems.
  • On Xamarin platform developerscan share about 75% of pre-built code across major mobile app OS, instead of developing code for each system independently. So, now developers can develop an application on Xamarin for multiple operating systems technically and ideologically.
  • It performs with outstanding UX based on native API.
  • With advanced integration, Xamarin is providing a faster functionality testing and feature quality assurance on different devices.


We all know that mobile app development is such a complicated process that comprises various complex steps. Besides, it comes with many technical analyses, design process and launching in Market. Xamarin is the solution to all complexities which offers an efficient nature and the exclusiveness in native app development. 

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