The e-commerce industry has been growing rapidly over the past few years. And as per the prediction by Statista global retail eCommerce revenue will reach up to $4.88 trillion by 2021. Therefore, we can see the continuing growth in the coming years and competition will also grow along with it.

Business needs to be staying updated and must integrate the latest e-commerce trends in their system to stay ahead of the curve. It also impacts and changes users taste, choices and behaviour and brings advancements in technology as well.

Technology plays an important role in e-commerce; it just does not help businesses to grow fast and wide also made things easier for businesses. It offers new ways to reach out to your brand to targeted audiences. Advancement in technology has made all it easy to handle customers data, orders, deliveries, returns and payments procedures and more. Here are some e-commerce development company and emerging trends that will impact e-commerce the most.

Ubiquitous e-commerce

Emergence of mobile devices have already changed our lives, most of us now depend on them to accomplish most of our tasks and daily routine activities. Mobile devices made things extremely easier, as people can shop, pay bills, order food, book cab on the go. And since it is easily accessible and very handy, the numbers of users are growing fast.

4G network connectivity also helping mobile commerce grow rapidly as it provides the users with a faster and reliable experience a faster and more reliable mobile internet experience. As per the survey reports, many businesses are getting most of their business through mobile apps, they are getting 60-80% business from mobile apps. Mobile devices help businesses amazingly to reach out to the massive customers.

Making e-commerce shipping faster

E-commerce is growing popular each day and new trends are making it certain that it remains one of the best among the industry. You can see today most of the business have their online presence and offer a competitive price. Now, the top brands also make sure that they can provide fast delivery to their customers. Top brands such as Amazon have set the standard to ship in 2 days only.

As per the research reports, now customers are willing to wait for free delivery for 4 days on average from 5-6 days. Therefore, to become a priority brand, businesses really need to cut down the shipping time. And this trend can help brands differentiate themselves from a growing number of online stores.

Multi-Channel Selling

Users try different channels when they shop online, they visit various portals and shopping platforms and place an order from the one which they find the most reliable. Therefore, you can track what channels your users use and you can make yourself available across all the channels they use to increase your revenue. You can sell your products and services through social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, other online shopping portals and more, apart from your own website. You can also use the top shopping websites such as Amazon, eBay, and more.

When a business owner uses a variety of channels to sell the products, it is not easy to manage them. However, e-commerce development company can help you manage all your orders, customers data, shipping procedures and more effectively. There are many e-commerce platforms like Magento development, Nopcommerce development, Big-commerce available to make things easy for you. Also, you can always hire e-commerce developer to help you with it.

AI-powered personalization

AI technology helping businesses targeting the customers smartly, offering personalized experiences and more. For example, users do not get general ads to see, now they get the pop-ups of the ads of the products which they really are looking for. This saves a lot of time and efforts of users and in turn benefits to brand. In this fast-paced era, where no one has time, people really do not want to see all the products and then search what they want. Sometimes they get frustrated, so the AI technology made the things beautiful making it certain that they only get to see what they want to see.

Smarter Payment Processing

Now when the user made the choice to buy your product after reviewing and checking it thoroughly, the final step is the payment process. It is an important step, and if the process is pretty complicated, your potential customer still goes away. So making your payment procedure all simple and effortless is very essential.

As per the research reports, there are around 60% of shoppers do not complete the payment process because of the lengthy payment process. Therefore make it certain that you provide a simple checkout process with an easy payment option to ensure conversion.

Also, you make sure to include convenient payment options as per the area, as the mode of payment tends to vary across markets, for example, the USA market is dominated by credit card payments, while digital funds transfers and debit cards are popular and many developing countries still based on cash.


Each year you get to see new trends in the e-commerce industry, technology is transforming e-commerce industry dynamically. E-commerce business now can provide a more personalized experience to their consumers, making the industry more powerful and incredible. Businesses have a lot of to offer at competitive rates, and can effectively manage to widen markets and opportunities.

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