As far as the world technology is concerned, the Ecommerce development is on rapid growth. The last year, 2017 has been a great year for online stores. According to the research, by the year 2020 India will have 320 million online shoppers. The reason behind this is the home delivery facility. These latest trends make the ecommerce industry grow vigorously. These latest ecommerce trends not only address the online business but also help shoppers to find the products they want to buy quickly and efficiently.

In this blog, I will inform you about a few of the latest trends that are reshaping the ecommerce solution 2018.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality technology helps the online buyer to buy the right product from the store. AR basically reduces the replacement issue, for example, you are buying furniture, with the help of AR you can virtually place the furniture in the different area of your home & check it whether it suits your home decor or not. Another example in which you want to buy clothes, it will provide customers the features to observe those clothes watchfully via the screen. A lot of ecommerce development services have already started using this technology.

E-commerce Wallet Usage

Now every ecommerce website has their own wallet through which people can pay easily. 2017 has absolutely is the year of wallet & cashless transactions. These trends will grow in 2018 also as most of the people now prefer cashless payment. E-commerce companies are also providing some cash back on their products when customers pay from their wallets. While there may not be as sheer rise in wallet usage as there was in 2017, it will surely become the payment mode of choice for a lot more users in 2018.

Data Analytics

The data analytics in ecommerce means to understand the data collection information’s of inside & outside of business. Besides, the data analysis not only provides you with the deep insight of ecommerce business but also enhanced the ecommerce process. I have mentioned below a few specific points that data analyst bring change on-


Artificial Intelligence

 Can a machine understand human behaviors?  If you ask me this questions a decade ago. I’ll definitely say no. Today artificial intelligence is a part of our daily life. AI plays a very significant role in e-commerce platforms. Few small features of AI in the online store are suggested products based on your purchasing history, browsing history, likes etc., the next upcoming year will offer more features.

New Categories

Earlier, e-commerce was limited to only electronics, gadgets, and technology.  There is remarkable growth seen in every niche categories like groceries, food and Plant & flowers. You can understand the diversity of the e-commerce category by visiting a site And as the transit of the time, entrepreneurs will create, capture and dominate more such categories.

Customer Support Services

The customer’s support services are essential for the customers. Some AI features like Live Chatbots and virtual assistants like – Siri, Google Voice, Alexa, and Echo. These features help the e-commerce in their customer support service.  It will likely help businesses to handle customer queries in real-time, offer product recommendations along the way.


E-commerce platform is evolving rapidly. Hence, the above-mentioned trends would lead the eCommerce industry passionately.  The AR helps the users in the product buying journey from virtual stores. On the other hand, IoT has made it possible to track the delivery information/ location of a product. Besides, the image and voice search feature provides more flexible search features.

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