Technology has evolved rapidly & the level of designing reached new heights. User experience has taken to be serious. Designing layouts need to be smooth, attractive &engaging. There is a high chance that users will leave your site if they didn’t like the UI at the first glance. That’s why UI/UX is getting so important. It’s factually the first thing users see even before they start interacting with your website. Top web design companies are emerging in the market.

As the year 2018 year progress, UI/UX will continue to improvise. So let’s have a look at few trends of this year.

Static Content to Video design

The world of Web Design Studio is evolving on a daily basis and transforming it to another level. Already, static content is overpowered by full HD screen video content. There are several perks of the video content. Videos are the most important factor to engage the traffic on your website. They are always lively, unexpected, and visually more appealing storyteller than static. You can add some sounds & virtual effects which greatly increase the traffic of your website.

Seamless Interface & Gradient transitions

The seamless interface means that the content should be placed on one page and the page should load up in just a couple of minutes without any transitions. This way user doesn’t leave the home page as all the data is already pulled over it.

Web App Idea

If you go through this website- Spotify & synod website, there you will find some cool colors gradients. The gradient trends are likely to be followed by VR as now developers and designers are more focused on the 3-dimensional elements in the design.

WebGL & Custom illustrations

WebGL is a javascript based library that helps in the rendering of 3D graphics on the website. Along with this, designers are capable of creating a fascinating way of interaction with your users.

Custom illustration is another important trend of 2018. It is not hidden from anyone that customer illustration allows websites to get a different style which in turn brings a great UI/UX. 

The Card in Web & Mobile Apps

Most of us are familiar with the cards of Pinterest and Facebook. But it is still an unknown factor for some designers. Visually it is an attractive facet to represent all big sets of information in one small space. These cards become famous for all the platforms from mobile devices to desktops. Users are now able to access all the information’s and decide whether they want to proceed & leave the page. In 2018, even Google has started to display the search result in the cards and Next upcoming years there will be more and more cards everywhere, especially for Smartphones.

Bonus Sound Design

The latest trend in the UI is about the sound layers. The design is regarding when a user’s visit your website they will get to hear a nice sound. Here the sound design will definitely make the UI/UX very pleasurable and pleasant. The year 2018 is undertaking a growth of this trend to take the user experience to a next level.

Web Development Company


Big headlines & huge fonts with perfect animations look appealing in the websites. If you use this trend for your website, it will look eye-catching even without content. Soon typography will replace the content & will be the trends of 2018. There are so many websites that are perfect epitome for this trend.


Trends evolve rapidly that you can’t imagine. It is difficult to track all of them but if you want your website to be more competitive then you need to obey these developments of UI/UX design. One thing that is sure is that a website owner must need to follow these latest trends to improvise their design and user experience.

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