In today’s digital era, perhaps most of the business owners understand the importance of online presence for their business. There are a variety of technologies and platforms available that can help build a great website. However, it also becomes pretty tough sometimes to select the right one. You need to study all the platforms to know that which one is right for you. Once you know the features, functionalities and benefits they offer, you will be able to choose the one which suits your needs best.

Here, we will discuss some of the best platforms and understand what they can offer. You can make the best choice by comparing website builders on the basis of your needed criteria, features and tools. If at this point you are not certain exactly what you want, you can always visit your competitor’s website for inspiration. When you choose the one, you need to keep in mind that the platform can smoothly handle your present and future needs.


WordPress is one of the best platforms for developing your website. Because of its outstanding features, scalability and simplicity, you will find that 28% of websites are powered by WordPress on the Internet. It is an open source platform. You can hire WordPress developers to get the best out of it for your website.


WordPress helps you create a variety of websites including online store, forums portal, a social network, and more. It offers comparatively better control on your website. It also has many themes which you can for speedy development and you can also design your own page layouts by using its drag and drop builders.

Moreover, there are a lot of approx more than 50,000 WordPress plugins which you can use for free. Using WordPress, you can also design multilingual websites as it is translated in many languages.


You need to be updated with new versions, plugins and get familiarized with all its tools and features.


Another best cloud-based website design platform is the Wix which makes website development task easy and provide a great number of features.


It offers various templates which you can choose to design your website and also offer hosting for your website. You can easily make any changes on your chosen template by using drag and drop website builder.

It also offers a great number of free and paid apps developed by wix and third party as well. You can install the apps to add new feature and tool on your website.


Moving your website away from Wix in future (if you want) will be complicated.


Shopify is a popular website builder, especially for e-commerce stores. It offers great features and ensures the smooth functioning of your website. Shopify development is widely used and powers approx half a million websites on the Internet.


Shopify is a comprehensive platform and includes hosting and therefore you do not need to manage software, install updates, or backup. It also provides you with a payment solution and allows you to use third party payment gateways as well.

Since it is an e-commerce store development platform, it includes complete inventory management, a great number of products, simple solutions to market and more.

Shopify development company can help you develop an outstanding e-commerce store for your business. Building a website is easy with Shopify and its intuitive drag and drop interface. It also includes management tools, marketing and in-store POS, which help you, sell products at your location. You can even integrate Shopify into WordPress, allowing you to use both great solutions at the same time.


If you decide at some point to move your store away from Shopify, it will be a daunting task. Shopify cost you pretty high.


Weebly is a simple platform and offers a great number of designs. It offers a stunning page builder which you can use to modify your website and you do not need any coding skills to make any changes.

Weebly helps you host your website effectively and manage all the applications and program that run in the backend. It offers a great number of design templates and which you can edit as per your needs using its live page editor.

You can add features like contact forms, galleries, sliders, and more to your website without much effort as they come as a built-in feature.

The downside of Weebly is that you are limited to use its built-in features, you cannot add new features.  


GoDaddy is a widely used domain and hosting service providers which provide a beautiful and elegant website builder along with hosting feature.

The best thing GoDaddy offer is its simplicity to design professional touch websites. It includes a variety of drag and drop interfaces that you can use to design different layouts. It also allows upload your own pictures and create image galleries.

It is not a feature-rich platform, provides a limited set of features and design options.

Now when you have gone through all above website builders, you can figure out what suits you best and offer you the best performance and flexibility.

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