WordPress is worldwide acknowledged as one of the most resourceful platforms for website development. According to latest trends, WordPress is commanding more than 28% websites in present days. The CMS based platform is completely free with fully customizing allowance. But this is obvious; developers and customers both anticipate looking at new WordPress development services to experience exceptionality with new-fangled commodities. Here are some predictions for 2018 that will revolutionize WordPress development radically- 

More Usual Video Headers

Video headers are not a new thing on WordPress; from launched version 4.7 ‘Vaughn’ this thing is supporting WordPress with some incredible choices. Usually, the Video Headers are deployed by few specific websites but it seems things are going to change in 2018, on WordPress a large number of websites are opting video-header approach. So we can see a deeper WordPress integration with live video streaming in this year.

Much Significant Mobile-First Themes

You can’t abandon it! Definitely, it is an important thing to be acquainted with mobile themes; Any WordPress Development Company and developer always need to consider mobile-centric design to make the brand much influence. As you can observe the mobile mania around the world; therefore it would be essential to assimilate cellular-centric forms and themes on WordPress and we could see a separate and wonderful design remains to happen in 2018.

Drag and Drop with High Control

WordPress is a magnificent platform for website customization. For an example it is not possible to envisage WordPress without its full-fledge Drag and Drop tool. The year 2018 is going to witness an extra edge to be given to web development with the Drag and Drop option, allowing designers to take an advantage by adapting it. These themes may be much useful in customizing a dominant website with virtual flexibility and simplicity in this year.

Security and Privacy with Many optimizations

Security runs on high priority for any website. Cyber safety is a considerate necessity to guard the websites against potential threats. In this year, security can be a major concern; WordPress may update some crucial protection enabling WAP (web application firewall) and Sucuri Scanner that could help you a lot in attaining security. So in 2018, you could able to drive numbers of security on WordPress and be sure about safeguarding.

More e-commerce Services on WordPress

Facts clearly reveal that this year is going to be a year of e-commerce side integrating WordPress. The e-commerce industry is reaching out to many firms that provide multiple of services and product assortment. For which WordPress is a platform where you can find various web customization tools for e-commerce development. Various kinds of themes and plugins are available on WordPress which mostly surge small enterprises. In 2018, the framework may present finest e-commerce choice including a great collection of business instruments.  



Many web design frameworks are available on the internet market. WordPress is much-implemented platform among the developers and designers. It is one of the most powerful frameworks offering wide-range of web customization. In this year, you would witness a major evolution into perform space of WordPress.

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