SaaS (Software as a Service) is one of the best web solution model in the IT industry. It is cloud computing services that include other service models as IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service). As the SaaS industry is attracting new entrepreneurs and startups, there is no surprise its growing rapidly. World’s forecaster’s estimate shows- “the average market growth of SaaS design is at approx 56% in present and it will go to prosper by 2020 at a speed of 19% yearly”.

Given its popularity and efficiency lets discuss, how this software service model is improving user experience and business results-

SaaS Benefits for Customers

1. Accessible from any Locality

Using SaaS enables customers to access their devices on any international computer. They will be able to connect their devices to foreign computers on an internet connection. And, with that, you can enhance your mobility and self-determination while working on a software.

2. Pay per Use

There is no need to purchase whole SaaS products. When buying SaaS application you do not have to pay a license fee. Customers can pay for a particular piece of software service to do a limited task within a limited period. Further, you can scale up and down your problems by subscribing to its services.

3. Mobile Compatibility

SaaS distribution model enables customers to access it on mobile devices because many customers need to access the application on multiple devices. Setting up a good connectivity for mobile users SaaS is highly compatible with on-premise applications.

4. Easy Customization

The product working on SaaS model is simply managed as per the client’s needs. Many software companies provide subscription plans that make it possible to customize the setting according to the customer’s requirements. Further, many software suppliers arrange accessibility to their APIs that enable you to incorporate with the existing system.

5. Security and Backup

A SaaS application is likely to be observed with more extensive security features. A customer can access data as for backups so in the case of data loss or Disaster, he/she will be able to restore/recover the data with an internal security to own data store.  

SaaS Benefits for Businesses

1. Scalability

Any small or big business can take advantages of SaaS model just by paying for what they demand. For expanding your business or startup you don’t need to come to a new server system; you can access all license quickly without being stuck with a far-term financial assurance.

2. Fast Deployment

It is huge task while developing large business software. Sometimes professionals might need to get prepared t to understand the complexity of installing application effectively. But introducing SaaS with a cloud-based application you can get enough server space and memory. This comes to mean savings of time and manpower.

3. Great Upgradability

You feel for regular upgrading in software, therefore, you will need to invest in every newer version of the software. The SaaS model that is based on centralized service stipulation doesn’t need any IT expertise to upgrade anything. All process is taken care of in the cloud system and the software can be upgraded by the host server. So, it gives results as saving costs and time. 

4. Easy Expansion of Global Market

As you have the internet-based software you do not have to take help of any middlemen for distributing products in SaaS business model.

5. Support

Obviously, SaaS has become a centralized system for channelizing all help requirements potentially. It is a good arrangement by fixing things to the several business organizations.


In this blog, we primarily focus on the facts that makes SaaS solutions much effective over traditional applications or software. SaaS provides maintenance and a great degree of client/business supports; hence, it is a highly effective and proficient alternative for any business industry.   

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